New Krell preamp

I understand from Krell that a new preamp in the phantom series will be introduced at the WCES in January. This preamp is to sell at an entry level price. I was wondering if anyone has any information on this?
Check the website.
Where did you hear about this new model? im interested as well.
So, what amp is supposed to go with it? I don't see a Phantom amp yet? And what is "entry level" price range?
Sounds interesting with optional built-in cross-overs too?
I heard about it when I asked Krell tech a question about the S-275. They "hope" to introduce it in January. I assume it would be close in price to the S-275 amp at the bottom end of the Phantom line.
A few days ago I was told by very reputable Krell distributer from South-Eastern Europe that Krell prepares a new preamp called Phantom III or so, which is supposed to fill the gap that discontinued KAV-280p left behind...

Too early to talk on details, but there will be not the active crossover option for sure, since no such option in case of existing bigger and pricier Phantom II (successor of Evo-222), but only in top-of-the-line Phantom (two-chassis, successor of Evo-202).

Regards from Macedonia for all Krell fans