New Krell MOD for the 402 EVO amp

Has anyone heard the new Krell EVOe amps. I have an 402 EVO (and am very happy with it). BUt Krell has sent me an e-mail with news of an upgrade to "e" specs.

They say that there are substantial sonic improvements as well as a much more efficient idle mode.

Has anyone heard the new amps, heard anything about the mod?
I was thinking of an upgrade amp (to a used MBL 9008 or AR 610T) but the expense is considerable in addition to requiring new cable configurations.
There is a review in the last HIFICRITIC; they thought it was a significant improvement.
I heard these exact amps A-B'd in Krell's room at the Mirage @ CES last year (I also own an Evo 403) and the difference was very significant.

The original Evo amps were exceptional, the new mod takes them up another notch. Yes, it can save you power on standby but the amps will require a longer warm up from this 'green' standby mode.

I am not so worried about the standby draw (I never turn my amps off) but I want the sonic benefit of the new 'e' version BAD!