New Krell K-300i Class A iBias Integrated Changes!

I haven’t heard the new Krell 300i yet but I have noticed the obvious changes which do not appear to be positive compared to the Vanguard integrated.  First off, 150 W/ch vs 200W/ch or 300W/ch into 4ohms vs 400W/ch into 4ohms!  Secondly, I noticed that there appears to be quite a few less capacitors in and around the preamp/DAC boards;(  This could mean that they reduced the cost of production by using IC’s in place of some large scale capacitors?  Lastly, the look of it seems cheaper in some ways...of course that’s very subjective.  They do mention it as being a Class A amp but no mention was made regarding the preamp section.  Additionally, the fans are gone?  Weird, considering now it is supposedly Class A but has no fans when the AB Vanguard had 2 fans!  Something seems off...or maybe I’m just overly suspicious.
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I would avoid getting a newer Krell stuff especially after Dan D'Agostino left in 2009. Today Krell isn't the same anymore. Besides one of their chief main designer recently left Krell. 
Krell is going down the rabbit hole.
Actually I have the Vanguard, which replaced some Cx era stuff and I love it!  I’m simply questioning exactly what is going on with the new 300i.