New Krall /Costello/ SACD is very good...

The new Diana Krall SACD, The Girl In The Other Room", is very different from any of her past releases.

If you are a Costello fan(he co-wrote many of the cuts)..then this one will fit. However if you have liked her past ones..esp. the high water marks of "Love Scenes" and "All For You" (the Nat Cole tribute)...then this one could take a few listens to get there.

Cuts 3, 5 and 1 are good ways to start..but cut 12, which deals with aging, her Mom's death and the new life with a mate is a very open statement for her.

I was lucky enough to see her live for this release's tour, and it was just super.
I agree and on SACD its great! This disc is receiving more than its share of airtime in our house. If you like DK then I highly doubt you'll find any reason not to own this one...
I was disappointented in the Krall/Costello compulations. Diana is a standards student with little originality or creativity of her own. The songs she co-wrote with Elvis are just as disjointed and un-harmonious as his original works. To me it sounds like Krall sings Costello. However her arragements of the standards are great. I know she loves Elvis, but pleae stick to your old and proven ways Diana, that's why we love your music.
Whatjd, you nailed it right on I think. I like EC's writing, so I enjoyed the disc. Actually I think Diana Krall sings the songs well, her voice fits them; it MUST be love :-)