New Kinki Studios EX-M1+ version available soon

I got an email from Alvin this morning with Easter greetings and news that a + version of the EX-M1 will soon be available. For those who had to pass on the original because of no line outs for a sub or lack of HT bypass, that will now be a thing of the past. This will be not be standard on all models but will now be an addition to the existing line.
They’re working on a new remote as well and Lui even went so far as to gold anodize the heat sinks for a better look, should one feel the need to look inside.

Here’s the link:

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Thanks @nonoise. 

Oh yes, the EX-M1+ comes with 3 level of display control - bright - dim - display off :)

i would prefer using the amp section as opposed to being able to use it as a preamp.
From the website:
1.2 HT Bypass Amplifier Input As the name suggested, with this input, you can use the EX-M1+ as a power amp. This feature can be enabled by the remote control.
I believe this would satisfy your needs. 👍 Unless I misunderstood your point.

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That's right, you can use the EX-M1+ as a power amp in the HT BYPASS mode.


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Happy to announce the EX-M1+, it's now available!

Enjoy the music!



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alvin, how much to convert the older model to the + ?
alvin, how much to convert the older model to the + ?

The upgrade cost is approx US$600.