New Kimber 8TC vs Old 4TC

Hi - In a classic audiophile move, I attempted to fix what wasn't broken by replacing my old 4tc with the new 8tc. The logic behind it was to biwire my Triangle Zerius speakers instead of using the included jumper straps/plate things.

Well... So far, the 8tc sounds VERY different. I've only got about 2 hours of play time so far, but it's a completely different went from utterly detailed and maybe "hypertransparent" to ...thick and warm. It kind of sounds like I went from Triangles to B&Ws, if you understand me...a lot warmer, a little less sparkly.

So I guess my question is - does anyone have experience with the newer clear/white jacketed 8TC and know how much break-in it requires? I'll try to relax and let it grow on me (I sold the 4TC to fund the "upgrade"), but based on my initial impressions, I want my 4TC back in a big way!

Teflon takes 200+ hours to stabilize as a rule. Place the speakers close together, face to face, and reverse the polarity on one of them. Play music(like from an FM tuner), set on mono, with heavy bass content. That will lower the output volume and take some of the pain out of the burn-in period. The 8TC is capable of better bass transmission than the 4TC, and with time it will become more defined, as will the upper octaves. Be patient.
the wire takes a while to breakin like Rod says....what it sounds like at two hours is no indicator of how it will sound when broken in.
Rodman is right but a little "hard core" for me. Just leave your system on for one or two weekends at 1 watt or so. It will help.
I have owned both. The 8tc is better but not drastically. They should sound similar though after a few hundred hours.
Thanks for the responses! I've used the method described by Mr. Rodman99999 to break in speakers but not cables. It occurred to me that I haven't owned a brand-new pair of speaker cables since the 90s.

I watched a movie last night, the bass was incredible.. and now I'm up to about 5 hours break-in. 195 to go...
At least for nordost things start looking ok approaching 100 hours mark. If you then have second-thoughts to go back to 4TC, you should go back to 4TC. Right now, just play music.
In case you are at all curious or following this thread still...

After experimentally switching back to my "lowly" AQ type 4, I realized that the 8TC was just NOT a good match for my system. Yes, the bass was prodigious, but that was the only thing going for it. I found it dull, with a sort of midrange glare that disappeared with my Type 4.

I bought some NOS blue/black (older) 4TC and feared the worst... but I am happy to report that this is a great cable in my system. WAY more detail with better tonal balance. It's probably breaking-in too, so I'm curious to see how it all unfolds.

Has anyone compared the newer Kimber Kable 8TCs that are clear and white vs the older Kimber Kable 8TC cables that are black and blue? Were there any major sound quality differences between both? I'm torn between getting a new 10ft pair of 8TCs or saving money and buying an older pair of black and blue 8TCs available locally. Thanks in advance.
I have both the old and new 8TC and as others have indicated, there is a major tonal balance difference between the two. I prefer the newer white/clear on the bass drivers and the older blue/black on the midrange/tweeter. The new cable has more bass slam but muddier, smeared midrange. Least that's my opinion on B&W N802's. I was taken back by just how different the cables sound from each other. Listen and audition before you buy...
I was an agent for Kimber many years ago. What I noticed a few years ago was that even the blue/black 4&8TC series seemed to have been downgraded from the original. The teflon coating became a lot thinner than the original, even the wire gauge seemed smaller. This was a nuisance as I used to use it for power supplies in tube gear, but no longer.
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