new kiko sound quality

has anyone heard the new mfsl kiko vinyl? interested in opinions on sound quality- thanks
I have it and find it to be pretty much excellent. Very good dynamics and just a little bit of surface noise, but overall well done.

Here is Fremer's take on it:
I've had it a few days. It is an excellent listen. Clean, dynamic with subtle cues. Highly recommended.
OT, but....

I saw Los Lobos play at a small club here in my 'hood about 2 weeks ago and they can still kill it when they want to. Good to know that the re-release of Kiko sounds good, but I say "try to catch 'em live, if you can."
I haven't played mine yet but on another audio website people are just over the moon on the sound quality. That is the reason I purchased mine not to mention it is one of Los Lobo's best offerings.
Love it. Their best album. Hypnotic.