New Kid on the Block

Looks like the competiion it heating up a bit with the arrival of the iFi Pro iDSD Signature.

It’s a DAC/Streamer Pre Amp w/headphone Amp.

Srajan at is getting it (if they can find a way to defeat the Wi-Fi in it since it gives him and his wife headaches). He likes it so much he’s going to replace all three DACs in his three different systems with it and that includes his Denafrips Terminator II as well.

Here is his reveiw of it and he awarded it a Blue Moon and Realization Award. Here’s a shot of the innards:

and one more for the fun of it:

For a US price of around $3,720 you get a DAC that can do quite a lot and still keep up with and surpass some highly regarded R2R DACs. These might be flying off the shelves come Christmas.

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Hardly new, been around for several years. I owned one and like others that came to the same conclusion, ifi is trying to fit too many things in one box. Crappy, second party interface. Mine failed within a month and I had to return it for a replacement. Finally ended up selling it.

Looks like they jacked up the price quite a bit since I had mine.

The Signature version is an update of the model that preceeded it. The one you had most likely is like the one reviewed by HiFi Knights. Aside from that, sorry to hear yours didn't work out.

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Every one I know that has had an Ifi product reports some kind of reliability issue, with several returns.  Not interested 

Not selling it. Just pointing out a very positive reveiw of it, and you say everyone you know has returned it?  I guess that's why they got these reviews.

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Sure appears that original poster is somehow involved in marketing this product.  I obvioulsy can't say that for sure, but the tone implies that kind of relationship.  If that's the case, it's odd that it wasn't explicity stated.  I respect those who are upfront about their financial interests, such as dealers who disclose that they carry a specific product.  Another reason I'd be less than enthused about this product.

Just my 2 cents.  Happy listening.