new kharma amplifiers matrix 150

Your thoughts?
Talk to Mtgreene, he has had the Kharma Matrix, Tenor OTL's and the darTZeel amplifiers.

Also, if I am not mistaken, Czapp has experience with them as well.
I listened to them at GTT. I think the amps are pretty good. Email for more details.
did notice someone posted a review on Positive Feedback...quite effusive in its praise.
Saxman2,you might want to a look at my thread entitled: A very interesting amp audition, which discusses the Kharma amps you are looking for information about. What I heard when I auditioned them is exactly what the reviewer on Positive Feedback also experienced when he auditioned them.
I heard them with the kharma mini exquisite at the CES show. Many thought that was best sound at show. They are very good

Do they use ICEpower or UcD modules?

UcD modules........just received a pair of Kharma Exquisite amps......very impressive !
Peterb: do you mean Matrix 150 (thread) or the Exquisite´s?
Had a very short listen to the Matrix 150 and was highly impressed. The only real shortcomings I found was their tiny little back (very bad if you use cables with a big diameter) and their light weight. The big cables always pulled them off the shelve so that we had to put some weight upon them. Otherwise a mighty fine product.
Frankpiet, I own the Exquisite 350's.
Don't worry about their weight: these amps are so heavy, you can't lift them on your own.....
I bet they sound awesome.. I´ve heard their smaller sibling the Matrix 150 and was highly impressed. Do you use them with Kharma Ceramique speakers ?
Exquisite Mini's....
..very nice. A speaker I had a closer look at as well. Superb design and build quality - but A BIT overpriced.
Peterb, it would be very interesting a review or some comments over the MP350's?