new Keith Monks

I bought some days ago a Keith Monks RCM. I just wanted to say it is a fantastic cleaner. I couldn't think my records could be that clean and soud so wonderful.
Il is as if I REALLY bought another gear for my rig. It is easy to use, silent, with a cover and an automatic nylon thread.
It so easy to use that my 19 years old son use it for his own records (not the same music than dad of course...).
KM developped a new line of RCM that begin at reasonnable prices.
If everyone has experienced thier Discovery cleaning fluid please let me know.
Yes it's a great machine. The Discovery is an excellent cleaning fluid.Which I used them.Do you have the address or contact for Keith Monks in USA.
I am having problems with getting parts from my local Rep. and Keith Morks UK.
They have not replied if they can supply parts.Just going around the bush.
A sad customer.
Well it tru a real good machine, i have a gemini MKIII. At first i had trouble with it, i was realy old maybe 30-35 years old. So i contact keith monks and they answer all my question and invited me to contact them every time i have question.
I now have the same trouble. I'm desperately trying to buy some parts for months now.
Does someone has an explanation ?

I use their discovery fluid w/ a Keith Monks Ruby. I used to use MoFi Enzyme and Pure Rinse...the Discovery is audibly better...