New KEF Release in September

Anyone know what line KEF is releasing in September? Their advertisements say "prepare for a giant leap"... is this in the Reference line, e.g. above 207/2? Looks like a rectangular speaker enclosure vs. the curve of the Reference series.
I'd be surprised if they could improve on the 207.2. I love mine and reckon its a speaker for life.

I think we're looking at a panel version of the cheaper range.
Another rectangular floor stander, doesn't look able to make even a small leap let alone a giant one. But I expect much now since KEF did say giant...

Which speakers did you consider before selecting the 207/2? What are you driving them with?
I can't wait to see KEF's new offering. I have their vintage speakers and love them. I'm even following KEF on LinkedIn. I don't know how much of a giant leap the new speakers will be. From what little is shown it looks very similar to many other speakers out there. After hanging around here and seeing some really beautiful speakers for sale or in other people's systems my expectations are high. I hope the new speakers are affordable for me.
I agree with Bobe. I've heard the 207/2 in several systems, and was always impressed. I suppose KEF might find ways to improve it though; nobody has built the "perfect" speaker yet!
Yep, love my 207/2 as well. I respect many speakers like Avalon, Magico etc. but the Kefs give me REAL music.
Would only trade them in for the Kef Muon....well a man can dream ;-)

I think I'd rather have the KEF 207/2 speakers. The KEF Muon speakers really look like something only the most die-hard KEF fan would love. They look like they came right out of an classic Sci-Fi movie.
New Q series. (
New T series.
Both shown at CEDIA.

I love classic Sci-Fi :-D !!