New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2

Just wanted to update my prior thread where this topic may have gotten lost.  As many of you may know by now, Joseph Audio has come out with the new Pulsar Graphene 2. This new iteration of the venerable Pulsars has a graphene coated magnesium midrange-woofer cone, and the drive motor, suspension system, etc., have been revamped. From what I have been told, the upgrade is pretty significant ... the sound is fuller and has greater ease, yet is very resolved. Jeff Joseph advises that an upgrade path will be available for existing owners of the Pulsars, too. Also, note that the price quoted in the Soundstage piece was in Canadian dollars ... Jeff informs me that the price in USD is $8,999 per pair. I am eager to hear the new Pulsars.

I just received my digital version of the July Stereophile in which John Atkinson does a follow up review of the new Perspective2 Graphene speakers.

JA’s review of the original Perspectives caused some head-scratching because it seemed somewhat reserved, with some obvious caveats - the speakers "didn’t work" in one reviewers room and JA, despite saying some good things about the clarity and imaging, mentioned concerns about too much high frequency presence leading to brightness and less than well controlled bottom end.

I’d say that I generally agreed with JA’s original review. Though I was far more smitten with the Perspectives than JA, I did find that some tracks I’m used to sounded a bit ear-squelching on the Perspectives, and the bottom end could get a bit bloomy. Those were my main concerns with the speaker - especially as I have sensitive ears - so I was very interested in JA’s follow up on the new version.

Turns out he was super impressed. He wrote that the high frequencies were now a bit more linear and less emphasized (both measurably and audibly), allowing him to listen at high levels with no discomfort at all, to the same recordings that he had found too bright in the first version.

He was really impressed with the bass punch and depth, saying the pitch control rivaled sealed-box designs.

As well, JA mentioned he could play the speakers very loud without a sense of compression or harshness or obscuring of fine orchestral detail.

Measurements showed the Perspective2 to be essentially the same sensitivity as the previous (even a tiny bit lower possibly), with slight changes in impedance here and there, and with a more linear high frequency.

Overall it seemed to me a clear, unreserved...even rave. review, saying the Perspective2 is a "superbly balanced" loudspeaker that he recommended over the original.

Sounds like just the ticket for me if I ever get the funds together!

It started a Stereophile Class A (lower frequence restricted) speaker. In the follow-up review, John Atkinson concluded, " I recommend it even more highly than I did the original."

@prof My favorite line from the review was "it send shivers down my spine." John Atkinson normally is fairly reserved.

Yes Mark, that whole review was as high praise as I've seen from Atkinson.  He was clearly taken by the speaker.

Funny how even a little tweak can change things.  I bet Jeff Joseph was eager to get the new speaker to Stereophile knowing it was tweaked in just the ways Atkinson would approve of. 

(Not that Joseph did the design just for Stereophile of course).
I would not describe it as a little tweak. The new drivers are something else 


I'm hoping to reach Mark Larson or anyone (who like myself), may have owned a pair of the original Joseph Audio Pulsars and now owns a pair of the JA Pulsar 2 Graphene. To those who may be interested, IMHO, the Pulsar 2 Graphene offers a substantial level of improvement across virtually every audible parameter, not the least of which, in the frequency range relative to bass response.

Which leads me to my question. I have a small listening room that currently allows for the speakers to be 2 feet from the back wall. This worked great for the originals, however now with about 25 hours of playing time in, I'm beginning to feel like the Graphenes need a bit more breathing room as they're sounding a little "boomy" on some of the more bass heavy recordings. 

Unfortunately, in my room moving the speakers even a few inches to experiment wouldn't necessarily give me an accurate picture as I would first need to move a rather large piece of furniture in order to compensate for the speakers move forward. Can I expect the bass response to become even more prevalent as they continue to break in? Also interested in hearing from others which regard to where they may have their Pulsars located and their experiences with break-in and placement.

Thank you,