New Jolida DAC for $100???

I have heard that there Jolida is putting out a USB Dac for around $100. Has anyone heard it?

Thanks -- Marty
I heard it at RMAF. They were running a music server through it, into their little 10 watt tube amp (FX series, I think.) I don't recall which speakers they were playing through. Incredible sound overall - the FX is impressive for $450.

The Jolida rep said they'd have this USB DAC and a multi imput tube dac coming out soon. The USB would be $99 and the multi input tube dac would be $250
Thanks -- in between waiting for this and the HRT Streamer
Has anyone actually heard the new nulti-input tube DAC? Very interesting product roll-out given Jolida's rep.
Below is an email exchange with Mike Allen from a few weeks back...(read bottom up)

Yes, it will. But will not be out until the end of the 1st quarter/second quarter of 2010. But hearing the proto on the unit, it is quite good. Michael Allen
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Awesome - I hope 1 of the 3 will be rack size unit with a tube output stage. I've got my eye on the Accustic Arts tube DAC, but I would rather stick with Jolida. I'd like to stop in for a listen when they are ready.

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In about one month we will have the first of our three dacs, a mini about the size of a credit card. Sells for $110 and we will have it at the Rocky Mountain Show.
I received my Jolida Tube FX DAC today, its beautiful, its heavy, but its got problems. Sounds terrible.

The power on thump will certainly wake the neighbors, and might take out low power handling tweeters. I cant yet comment on the sound, because the abnoxious buzzing through my speakers that only occurs using the FX Dac. I hope Jolida can get this issue resolved, this appear to be a well built unit with potential.