new Johnny Cash superb/other new recommendations?

just got a vinyl copy of Cash's latest and it is incredible.
wanted to recommend it to people, and ask if anyone else has found any killer new music recently (or heard this).
Cash continues his brilliant covers on it, along with an opening self-penned song that is one of his best
(and despite the hairdo glenn campbell can still pick a guitar, who'd a thunk it?)
Check out the video for the Nine Inch Nails cover he did. Totally awesome & really powerful.
For those looking for a really good retrospective on Johnny Cash's career, I suggest the 3-CD set titled "Love God Murder". Some of his all-time greatest recordings with excellent re-mastering.
Is that video a song called "Hurt"? No video has ever moved me before. "American Recordings" is excellent. The reissues of his concerts at San Quentin and Fulsom Prison include parts where he speaks to the inmate audience, very interesting.
Yes, the new Cash album is tremendous. I think it is some of his best work. If Cash's new album floors you like it did me I would recommend you listen to Slant Six Mind, Covenant, and Milk of the Moon all by Greg Brown. Greg Brown has an earthy voice and incredible songs. He is a fantastic singer-songwriter that is under the radar of most listeners.
know and love brown's stuff. seen him a few times. got to hang with him for awhile at falcon ridge folk festival a couple of years ago. very down to earth , nice guy. a great recommendation.