New JJ Tesla tubes

Greetings, I'm seeking information regarding the sonic performance of the "New" JJ Tesla, Black Sable 12AX7 tubes, especially if you are using them in a McIntosh C2200 or C2300 preamp.

Any info on these tubes is greatly appreciated.

Bennett (aka:hififile)
Hififile, without being crude, they suck big time. Compared to NOS 12AX7 tubes, the JJ's sound broke.
Never had any luck with JJ tubes. Dull sounding shorts and premature tube failures come to mind when you ask how JJ Tesla tubes sound.
New Tung sol 12AX7's are excellent. Best I have heard even over NOS in several applications, and yes they have that big warm but dynamic sound like good NOS. Only ones as good are the Telefunkens, MAZDA's, & Baldwin/Sylvania tubes running between 200 and 300 per matched pair. So you can get these at like 40 per matched pair well worth it easily the best buy today in current production in my opinion. JJ not nearly as good from my experience, of course I think EH sucks too so maybe its just taste at the end of the day.
Thank you for the information Teajay and Apachef1 and Undertow. These were recommended to me by a customer service rep at one of the big online Tube vendors. I wanted to do my research first and fellow A-goners usually have good advice.

Thanks again and keep the info coming. I will be interested to see if anybody had good results with the JJ Gold Pin Black Sables.

For the price that you will pay for those, you can get some nice NOS tubes. Maybe not Tele smooth plates, but some excellent GEs.

It seems that the current small signal tubes have not really come that far, but the power tubes are quite excellent.
I agree with the few who have said that the JJ 12ax7 don't sound very good. I much more enjoy both the early Siemens 12ax7(Ecc83) with the dual support on the getter and the infamous Mullard late 50's with the "D" getter. However, the new JJ EL84 power tube is very good in the right amp. There is more input on the tube asylum from other users of the JJ 12ax7:

Thank you all,
I appreciate the suggestions!
Agree with Undertow on the new manufacture TungSol 12AX7s. Great tubes. Also their EL34s are what I am running in my Marshall Plexi 100W head and these provide that classic sound.
Using their EL34's as well in a Bogner amp. Holding up well there.