Slikric3000 - New 2010 remaster (CD) of Axis: Bold as Love is incredible.
Personally, as a long time Hendrix fan I found Valley of Neptune to be one of the worst Hendrix albums of all time! Jimi was known for self editing the tracks that got onto his albums, and what they released on VON all sounded so fake and forced, I could see why they weren't put onto other albums. I wouldn't bother with it.

Just my 0.02, I am sure others will trash me but of the 58 Hendrix albums I own I place this new one extremely low on the list!
Kennyt, I would NEVER trash a guy who has 58 Hendrix albums, but I thought "Hear My Train A Comin'" and "Red House" were pretty darned good!
I like the website, lotsa colors, hehehe.

Buy the Blues CD for a great HMTAC, the acoustic version is on a 12 string and SICK!
Thx Kennyt