New JBL Studio Monitors (4349) Coming in September
RIAA.........When you receive them, will they sit in their boxes as well ? Sorry, I had to....
I love to collect depreciating assets in nice sealed boxes. Hopefully I live long enough to try em all
As we are buddies, you can always send me some of this stuff, so I can listen, and evaluate them...specifically, horn speakers, power amps, and
Interesting addition to their very well sounding 4367 and M2. Add that to the new Everest to commemorate their 75th anniversary next year..
I was thinking of buying L100’s in December, are they gonna go and release a 75th Anniversary edition like six months later just to make me jump out a window?!
I am still in love with my 4429’s...absolutely phenomenal speakers that image like crazy, dynamics galore and sound so vinylesque in the mid band!
You guys are making me jealous. My 4pis are almost built up, though; that will give me a taste (the old 2226H below 1k). Also excited to hear Wayne's CD horn.
The 4429’s can throw a hugely detailed dynamic soundstage with amazing depth and image placement.  They can re create a live “In the club” sound like few others I’ve ever heard.  Full, organic and uncompressed in there presentation.  They are fun, exciting and way better than most of the $15k to $20k speakers I’ve owned!
Im told the 4429 is the LEAST Dynamic of all the JBL "horn" speakers. There's even a YOUTUBE review by "Next best thing studio" that goes into this in detail.   Ive had MANY JBL Speakers including 4411's (with Brand new tweeters installed no less) and I HIGHLY doubt they are better than the L100 classics.
I thought the 4411's had the most realistic sound when matched with the Brinkmann Integrated amp. Maybe with the right amp the L100's might be better or maybe not...
As mentioned on another post, I recently acquired a pair of JBL L200T3s. They are the "home" version of the 4425 monitors, in a different form factor. They are very satisfying, especially considering how little I paid for them. I have owned many horn speakers, from (I think) almost every Klipsch Heritage model to Earo active horns and the L200T3s are the best sounding. I was looking for a paid of 4430s but I think I'll keep these.

4411’s....cute!  The 4429’s are the real deal and are as dynamic as the source and amplification will allow without compression.  I use a Krell 200 watt restrictions!
I have a pair of 4429's that were in my main system for several years. They were displaced by other project speakers. Relegated them to a secondary system with a Yamaha CD player and a Denon PMA2000. I have always thought the bass was somewhat ill defined and flabby, especially the mid bass. Recently I replaced the Denon with an old Threshold S-500 that I bought new in the mid 80's. Also drug my Schiit Yggdrasil in as the D/A converter. Definite improvement across the spectrum. Bass is quit a bit tighter, but not as good as my main system speakers. I'm thinking about replacing the two air core inductors in the LF crossover with low resistance iron core units. My swag is the series resistance will drop from about 1.5 Ohms to 0.25 Ohms. Anyone have any thoughts on the mod? And I apologize for the thread theft. If I go through with the mod, and a positive comes from it, I'll start a new thread.

Regards John
@johnlcnm...Not sure when the updates were done on the 4429.  Mine are a year old so there may be a difference there, but driving them with my Krell produces some of the best bass I’ve ever heard, short of my Wilson WP 6’s driven by ML 300 watt amps!
Dave. My 4429's are probably early ones. I bought them as demo models in 2016. I thought the L100 Classics had the same woofers, but looking at them I don't think they do. Krells are supposed to be very high current capable amps, so it doesn't surprise me that they drive the LF well. I definitely heard a difference when I installed the old Threshold in the system. I need to move the 4429s back into the main system again, as equipment has been upgraded since they were there last.       
John...if you feel the sound lacks transparency, extension  or unrestrained dynamics, try Anticables speaker cables.  I have level 3’s which are amazing, although I also use Transparent for some material...nice to switch it up once in awhile!
Perhaps a little off the subject but, JBL has had some of the most live and dynamic speakers available. I had a pair of 250ti's. Clarity, detail, not so much. But when I saw Led Zeppelin live, I was not getting the best imaging and detail. I got live sound that would drop your socks. I regret that I sold them.