New Jazz Station

Guys, give a listen to Used to be my local FM station (ony reason why I bought an MR78) but went internet recently. Looks like it only plays in WMP (if you can tell me how to get it to JRiver &/or squeezecenter---please let me know--I tried and can't do it). Sound not bad but programing is awesome.
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Hey, thanks for mentioning us here. Found your comments while doing a google search to see if anybody was talking about us!

Pure Jazz Radio is 24/7/365 with my live broadcast M-F 8-11 eastern time.

Thanks again.

Rich Keith
My pleasure, Rich. Great music and great quality. The guys here are really into the high end and great music and I am sure they'll make their way over to your great station.

Guys, you will love this. All Jazz. Great Stuff. There is also a live chat area so you can talk about what's playing (or whatever you want). You can stream to Squeezebox also.