New Jazz Releases..What Do You Like?

Any new releases(not re-issues) in Jazz that you are enjoying listening to?

I would prefer real Jazz rather than the Kenny G smooth (?)music, but post what you like.

My current favorite newer release is Russell Malone's "Heartstrings" on Verve. Mr. Malone appears to have dumped the Buscarino for a DeAngelico New Yorker...and the sound is just superb.

So, let's hear what current Jazz you feel is worth a listen!
Once you get past all the Nora Jones and Diana Krall hype (they are good vocalists but enough already!) there are actually some great new jazz musicians with lots of recent releases. My current favorite is Joe Lovano who is one of the best jazz sax player to come along since Coltrane, Dex Gordon, Rollins etc. Check out his many CD's on

Jason Moran's "Modernistic"

If you like piano jazz and want to try out something fresh and new, try this. I love it. In fact, it's on right now.
Jazz pianist, Michel Camilo, is an unbelievably gifted musician-composer. Check out his recent release, Triangulo.
I'll second Moran; he's a facinating character. I tend to go for the classic stuff, however, so my favorite of the last year was Bill Charlap's take on Hoagy Carmichael, "Stardust." (Or maybe it was called "Skylark." I can never remember.) Includes such great "guests" as Tony Bennett, Frank Wess, and Jim Hall.

The Shorter Quartet got a lot of buzz (including a thread here). "Footprints Live" is a fine sample of their work.

Finally, I always look forward to something new from Jacky Terrasson. "Smile" just came out last week, so I haven't heard it yet.
"4 Generations of Miles" -- a Chesky high-resolution CD featuring the songs of Miles Davis performed by his former sidemen Jimmy Cobb, Ron Carter, George Coleman, and Mike Stern. Great songs & great sound.
Roy Powell/ North by Northwest- Well informed young british pianist reflects but doesn't regurgitate Bud Powell, Chopin or any of his other influences. John Marshall (Soft Machine) and Arild Andersen who has put out several fine recordings on ECM are still doing some of their best work on this one.

Wayne Horvitz/ Sweeter Than The Day- One of the best sounding SACDs I've heard. A few of Horvitz's more haunting compositions resurface here. This is the Zony Mash line up working in an unusually contemplative vein.

Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orch. (ECM) Very carefully considered juxtopositions of piano, cello and bass harmonics, the recording has an exceptionally tactile and delicate quality (even for ECM). It also has lots of low end punch and authoritative reed work.

John Ehlis Ensemble/San Carlos- John Tchicai may be the best known player on this disc, but no one musician dominates. The recording at times develops a huge deep soundstage, and mostly has a relaxed, but never boring or formulaic feel. The ensemble uses a wide range of woodwinds, percussion instruments, bass and some gorgeously expansive guitar sounds.

Sylvain Luc/ Trio SUD- Obviously French acoustic guitar/bass/drums trio, at times recalling Django and even Leo Kottke, but there's definitely alot of hard work and discovery that's unique to this trio on both of their records (this one like the discs above shows that digital recordings are getting better).

Scott Colley/ Initial Wisdom- Colley is a great young bass player, I think this is his best so far, it's cracking with energy without seeming chaotic. The quieter passages don't get sappy or cliched and Colley's compositions aren't in any way dwarfed by the Ornette Coleman and Miles Davis tunes covered on this cd.

Joel Harrison/ Transience, this one is alot different than his 3+3=7 disc. On that one guitars and drums were delivering well organized tricks and audio hallucinations that did a good job of challenging the listeners eqilibrium. This is much more serene, (but still pretty warped at times) kind of like a better recorded and more cerebral Clubfoot Orchestra. On alot of the disc, the composition is what gets you. The piano, saxes, bassoon, trombone, bass and drums often make you think this couldn't be a guitar player's record.

There are so dang many great recent recordings that are worth checking out, it could be a full time job to just scratch the surface. Here are a few more that I'm too lazy to keep on inadequately summarizing:
Dave Douglas/The Infinite
Tomaz Stanko/Soul of Things
Jack West/Big Ideas
Eberhard Weber/Endless Days
Vandermark-Drake-McBride/Spaceways Inc.
Fima Ephron/Soul Machine
The Other Quartet/Sound Stains
Hans Fahling Quart./Hamburg
White Widow/(Han Bennink-Mark Helias-Michael Moore)
Larry Koonse/Americana
UMO Jazz Orch./Transit People
Henry Threadgill/Everybodys Mouth's a Book
John Stetch/Heavens of a Hundred Days
My favorite new performer is Brad Mehldau, a gifted young pianist. Trained as a classical pianist, these roots are reflected in his intellectual treatment of jazz. I've been delighted attending live performances -- two at the Village Vanguard (one of which was recorded and released on CD) and one at Princeton's McCarter. I'm looking forward to his return date in Princeton within the month.
Thanks to all for their suggestions. Looks like I will be picking up several over the next few months.

Best in 2003, Jim
The Philadelphia Experiment...great funky/fusion type jazz...with some incredible bass playing....
I just returned from CES with the new Jazzstream Records Sampler that I'd got at the Elusive Disc booth in the ballroom at the Alexis Park. The first song on the sampler features a gal that sings "Save Your Love for Me" and nails it better than Jane Monheit. Definitely worth checking out.
Dee Dee Bridgewater "Live at Yoshi's" Verve 314 543 354-2
This disc is well recorded, good ambiance and dynamics, has some "scat" type songs in the Ella genre and some nice ballads.
This not exactly new (2000?), but James Carter's "Chasin' The Gypsy" (an homage to Django) is fantastic! Carter plays everything from bass sax to soprano sax, has violin and accoridian mixed in, acoustic guitar, etc. The musicianship is extraordinary.

I couldn't go to bed last night until I has listened to it 3 times! His newer stuff is just as good.