New Jazz Releases

Please feel free to post any newly released jazz titles. If you've actually purchased and listened to the recording, please post a review. Also be on the lookout for new artists.

Please do not post any re-released or re-issued older music here. Do NOT post any smooth jazz here.
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Among the current ones I believe that Snarky Puppy is champion. I enjoyed them lots recently.
Avishai Cohen....Dark Knights- really well played trio.

Phonesis.....Life To Everything- great live lp.

A number of releases on the ACT label.
I own a number of these on vinyl. A mix of traditional, straight ahead jazz with a contemporary feel. Enjoy nearly all their releases.
A couple of new releases I've really enjoyed so far this year are:

Ben Goldberg - Orphic Machine
JD Allen - Graffiti
Vijay Ayer - Break Stuff
Myra Melford - Snowy Egret
Sound Prints - Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival (though it doesn't do justice to the several shows I've seen the band play over the last couple of years)
Thanks Mitch4t, for the thread and to all who have contributed already, I have learned a lot.

The first recording that popped into my head , was a 2013 recording , David Weiss's "Endangered Species". The music of Wayne Shorter. It is very well played, straight ahead live recording.
Avishai Cohen's "Dark Nights" from last year is killer..
Just got JD Allen's "Graffiti"....the man seems unable to make anything less than an extraordinary record.
Rudresh Mahanthappa's "Bird Calls" is excellent
Like my initial spin of Chris Potter's "Underground Orchestra"
When I listen to Miguel Zenon's music, I always find myself listening to the pianist Luis Perdomo. The only other time I remember this happening was with Charles Loyd's music with Bobo Stenson. Very good company.

Check out his new release "Twenty Two", I think most Jazz lovers will love it.
As the year nears its end, I wanted to mention an overlooked beauty. The recording I keep coming back to the most this year is the Ran Blake recording "Ghost Tones".

Sadly no YouTube music yet, but Amazon has some short clips to let you hear what the music is about about. Many good to great reviews online.
+1 : Avishai Cohen....Dark Knights- really well played trio.

Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know but there are two jazz musicians named Avishai Cohen. The one mentioned above is sax player, the other who is better known to some, is a tremendous bassist. His live album is amazing,
"As Is… Live at the Blue Note".

I guess you can never have too many Avashais! Cheers,
John Zorn - Pellucidar - this is another "dreamers" release of his and IMO is a really good CD - excellent musicianship, SQ and overall very musical
I haven't noticed ever John Zorn being very musical in his previous work except I guess his Klezmer experiments. Should definitely try his new stuff. Thanks for heads up.
"Homage A Eberhard Weber" on ECM
"Do NOT post any smooth jazz here."

Someone should start a worst smooth jazz thread.

I love all the old sax jazz players but one of the newer modern tenor sax player that I am very impressed with is Joshua Redman. I like his Moodswing album a lot.
rja1,743 posts12-03-2015 1:50am"Homage A Eberhard Weber" on ECM

I wonder why create tribute to one still alive?
Weber had a stroke a while back and can no longer play bass.
I believe this live concert used his recorded bass tracks.
He was present for the performance. Although recorded live you wouldn't know until the applause.

Charenee Wade: "Offering", the music of Gil Scott-Heron, is a new album I've been playing over and over, hearing it on a different level each time. There are a number of reviews on this music, all of them favorable. Here is one of the reviews;


This music can be found on "you tube", I would like to hear your opinion.

Enjoy the music.

Another banner year (2015) for Jazz music and fans alike.

Here's to 2016 , a new year, more possibilities for  great Jazz
sbank...The Avashai Cohen I was referring to is a trumpet player..not sax.  The bassist also had a very enjoyable release From Darkness, this year.  
Chris Potter's Underground Orchestra 
Dee Dee Bridgewater...Dee Dee's Feathers
Kamasai Washington...The Epic.  Three lps.