New Jays Audio flagship cd transport

Take notice, Jays Audio has a new CDT3 mk3 @ $5000


One of the main differences would be the 10Mhz Clock! That's not to be sniffed at!

I also think you can use this clock as a master for other equipment that support reference clock connectivity hence making it superb value for money.

Not just a CD player - but a Master Clock too.

Ed, that is a nice description of the CDT3. Hello folks, Todd here in TX USA of Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself here. I'm happy to be partnering with Alvin and Beatechnik for the US and Canada, sales and service.

We are still using the direct shipping approach for sales for now as that a) works well and b) saves an extra shipping cost trip. But we'll be determining meanwhile if we need to also stock certain items. Please feel free to discuss anything further, I can also be reached directly at [email protected].

Todd was very helpful in arranging my purchase of a CDT2 MK 3. It has already been shipped and I should have it in my hands about ten days after I placed the order. Not bad coming from China. 

I'm pairing it with a Berkeley Alpha DAC 3 using AES/EBU. Can't wait to hear how far redbook CD can go. 



Hello egrady, thank you. Looks like your CDT is out for delivery today in fact :) TK

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