New Jays Audio flagship cd transport

Take notice, Jays Audio has a new CDT3 mk3 @ $5000


New distributor is just Alvin's business partner through a separate entity. 

That's right sir. I'll be overseeing the business to make sure it lives up to the expectations :)


Thank you for the support!



Alvin @ Vinshine Audio

Damn, looks like a fine piece of kit.  This would clearly push the margins for me regarding investment in a CD transport.  However, I won't dismiss it solely based on cost.  I wonder if it is out for review yet by someone credible who has heard the other Jay's cd transport as well as the Project RS2??

High Fidelity and 6 Moons both have units in for review with the High Fidelity review due in about a week. Alvin advised me that the units are shippable in 7-10 days just like the CDT2. As per usual the 6 Moons preview is up and is added to regularly.

Just posted this on another website - pasting it here:  My Jay’s CDT3-MK3 arrived today - I have it playing as I type - will post a review after I let it break-in a bit, but I’ll share a few quick notes: it played every disc my PS Audio PWT would not play all the way through (but that was less than a dozen discs), it is DEAD quiet - I mean DEAD QUIET, and the build was even more impressive than I thought it would be - I’d even say it is luxurious - the machining is superb - love the way the cd lid slides back; has a heavy duty full function remote, and a nice carbon fiber CD clamp (but will still try the ‘bone’). Initial sonic impressions are very positive - music is freer from the speakers (nice sound staging), sounds great at low levels, so far has a sense of smoothness, lots of detail without etch or brightness . . . so far so good . . . running it AES to a Metrum Pavane L3 DAC. I love the aesthetics and functionality. I ordered it through Todd King, the new US distributor - he also does repairs for Jay’s and Denafrips, nice to have US support. Happy listening!