New interconnects for MR-67 tuner

I just got my Mac MR-67 tuner back from Audio Classics where it was aligned, repaired, cleaned and polished to within an inch of its life. It looks and acts brand new! Audio Classics is a class act. I decided to forego the Modafferri mods but did have everything else done for $300 total. I highly recommend this outfit. Now I'd like recommendations for a new set of interconnects to use with it. I was using Red Dawn but they are too long and I'd like to try something else anyway. Audio Classics recommended Monster Cable but you know I can't go back to that after all these years of upgrading. I started w/Monster back in the early 80's. I have a BAT preamp and an ARC VT-100 mk III amp, plus Genesis 500 speakers. I like warm, rich sound, which the MR-67 provides in abundance anyway. Any ideas for a good match in interconnects?
I use Alpha Core Sapphire RCAs with my McIntosh and Accuphase tuners. They are extremely transparent and seem to have no artifacts that others attribute to silver cables. (I don't recommend their less expensive cables; others like them, don't seem to work well in my FM situation.) The Sapphires are also sensibly priced and very well made. They do take some break in but they should sound great after 24 hrs of burn-in.
Hi there! I have all McIntosh electronics in my system, and have really enjoyed the using the Transparent MusicLink Plus interconnects in my system. I also tend to favor a sound slightly on the warm side; and find the MusicLink Plus cables provide just the type of sound I most enjoy.
Before using the MusicLink Plus ICs, I had been using the next step down - MusicLink ICs. They were quite good - but I think the MusicLink Plus provides a slightly more detailed and open sound.