New integrated amp

Hello and good day. I’m trying to decide on one of 3 integrated amps.
2- Plinius Hiato
3- Belles Virtuoso (this one seems to be a long shot, as I’ve been waiting, and watching for its release for 2 1/2 years).
My question is this, why one over the other, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each brand?
I appreciate any feedback.
Sorry, haven’t been here for a week.
Main source is a Bryston BDA-3 DAC driven by a Cambridge CXU. My old turntable and new Moon phono stage are rarely used. Speakers are Amphion Argon 3LS. Started when I felt I needed more power for my old KEF 104.2 speakers so I started looking at new integrateds.
Tried, at home, the Krell Vanguard, Magnum Dynalab MD-309, Hegel H300 and the Modwright. The attraction to the MW

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I had a KWI-200, Dan's products are first rate, very well made and exceptional  customer support....If needed.

At the time it easily beat my Bryston B-100, a fine IA in its own, the MW has greater grip, headroom and of course power. 
To continue where I left off, the initial attraction to the MW (before I heard it) was power, looks, simplicity, boutique brand made in the USA. And pricing. I just beat a 10% increase and with the CDN dollar being close to par at the time (I bought it in Seattle) it didn’t break the bank.
In retrospect I think I could have been happy with the MD and possibly the Hegel too, but don’t regret keeping the MW.
MD had the misfortune of being the first amp I tried and therefore had the itch to keep going. The Krell was too analytical, a no go. The Hegel was very good and I had the option of trading the MW back for the H300. The Hegel seemed slightly more open....maybe.
But after switching back to the MW I realized the detail was all there, perhaps made more subtle by a touch of warmth.
The Hegel sounded a bit lean in comparison. I noticed it most on jazz. The MW solved that problem, for me. More balanced overall.
The addition of the DAC added a whole new level of resolution and I ended up changing my speakers along the way too.