New In 2022

Happy New Year!


Feel free to cite New or Re-Issue(s) CD, Download, EP, LP, SACD, Single, Stream or Vinyl.


Happy Listening!

All new, no reissues or archive releases.
There's way to much great new music, for me to waste time with yet more reissyes...
Mary Halvorson - Amaryllis / Jazz guitarist, Mary Halvorson, really hit her stride with this release. While not quite completely avant-garde, it certainly pushes some boundaries.
Unsuk Chin – Scherben der Stille (Shards of Silence), for violin and orchestra / This woman has yet to disappoint me with her compositions.
Green Asphalt - Green Asphalt / Very good Gentle Giant inspired prog from Sweden. Really well executed.
Anna Thorvaldsdottir– ARCHORA / Iceland seems to be producing lots of great composers lately, Anna Thorcladsdottir may be the best of them.
One Shot - À James / This great fusion offshoot of Magma lost their phenomenal guitarist, James MacGaw, to brain cancer earlier this year, but this release is incredible.
5uu's / Dave Kerman The Quiet in Your Bones / A pretty extreme avant-prog album. Kind of hit or miss, but the parts that hit are awfully good.
Knekklectric - Alt Blir Verre / Norwegian prog-fusion, with even a bit of pop vocals.
Asceta - Asceta / Some really top quality avant-prog from this Chilean band. A really nice discovery for me.
October Equus - Noches Blancas, Luces Rojas / Great avant-prog from Spain. May be a good place for avant-prog newbies, since they don't stray too far from classic prog.
Big Big Train - Welcome to the Planet / Speaking of classical prog, this band is not breaking any new ground, but it's hard to argue with their great melodies.
Julian Anderson – Symphony No. 2

US Girls - “So Typically Now” (new digital single, 4AD)

Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra - Nancy & Lee (reissue, vinyl, CD, cassette, 8-track, Light in the Attic Records)

Brian Eno - ForeverAndEverNoMore (new album, vinyl, CD, Verve/UMC)

Lou Reed - Words and Music, May 1965 - (new album, vinyl, CD, cassette, 8-track, Light in the Attic Records)