New In 2022

Happy New Year!


Feel free to cite New or Re-Issue(s) CD, Download, EP, LP, SACD, Single, Stream or Vinyl.


Happy Listening!


Thanks, @jafant new Joss is something I'm looking forward to. Dave Stewart is intimately involved in the project. Bummed that her Austin City Limits tour stop is next month. I'd really like to see her live, but not in Feb! Cheers,


Iris Dement’s debut album on LP, the Country title of the month (January) from Vinyl Me Please. I joined the subscription service just to get the LP (the album was released on CD only in 1992), adding the Irma Thomas album Down At Muscle Shoals (produced in 1967 by Jerry Wexler and recorded with the legendary Fame Studios house band The Swampers, but never released) to my order. Iris herself was involved in the LP’s creation, including new liner notes. Gatefold cover, 180g vinyl.

This album introduced a major musical artist to the world, one of my handful of still-living favorites. Iris is also a favorite of many other superior artists, amongst them John Prine (with whom she collaborated quite a bit before his passing), Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Steve Earle, many others.



I am looking forward to your Best Of 2022 thread.


Happy Listening!


That Electric Lady Studio boxset sounds interesting. How would that differ from the First Ray of the New Rising Sun complication, I wonder?  My history isn't so good-- would that boxset included Band of Gypsys material ? 

...especially because I actually prefer the later, post-psychedelic material.