New in 2019

Happy New Year!Feel free to post this year's new releases and re-issues from any genre. Neil Young promises a 2-disc set from "Ragged Glory" sessions. Will we see a Tool album? I sure hope so.

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+1 for Dave Alvin "King of California"
I've been hanging around the dark side lately, buying a lot of cheap CD's & improving the digital portion of my system. I'll be back though LOL, just my latest obsession.  
jafant, Isn't that the truth. I stumbled across from someone on this forum. It's incredible how much is out there right now.
Hey slaw,
I'm a big fan of  Warren Haynes. What date is the live album from?
Hey jafant,
Check out the "Whats playing on your system today" thread when you get a chance. I list them there as I listen to them. Lots of new stuff the last 2 to 3 months! 
My youngest tells me he really likes what he is hearing from the latest Santana album. Would you be able to compare it to any of there earlier albums?