New Ikea storage unit great for LP's!

Desiring new racks for my LP’s, and hearing that the Ikea Kallax was popular with collectors, I went to the Ikea in my new city to check it out. I found the Kallax to have one enticing quality: very large capacity for very little money. Other than that, it didn’t fulfill my desires. At 15-3/4" deep, LP’s are too far from the front edge of the rack. Even worse, the rack is open on the backside, having no rear panel! It is meant to be a room divider, not an LP rack or bookcase. I’m guessing owners don’t mind, as the rack will usually be placed up against a wall, that wall then acting as a rear panel. But I want my LP’s to be inside an enclosed structure, not an open one, if for no other reason than to keep dust away from the LP cover opening. The lack of a rear panel is also at least partially responsible for another problem with the rack: it is not very structurally stiff and strong, being a little wobbly, able to move side-to-side. Ikea has other similar racks---the Bitrade, Valje, and Nornas, but they too fell short of my requirements.

So I kept looking. There are some fine LP racks out there, but I consider the prices ridiculous. Last night I went onto the Ikea website, again looking at their storage units. There was a brand new one named EKET pictured, and it looked like it might fit the bill, so today I went to Ikea to have a look. I do believe I have found my new LP racks! The EKET comes in several different sizes, from a single 13-3/4" cube to a 4-cubicle box. The 4-cubicle version measures 27-1/2" x 27-1/2" x 13-3/4" deep exterior, each cubicle having interior dimensions of 12-7/8" tall, 12-7/8" wide, and 13" deep, perfect for LP’s. Priced at only $50, the EKET 4-cube model provides over four linear feet of LP storage. And it has a back panel! It is also considerable more stiff than the Kallax, which gives me piece of mind. There are a couple of accessory options, including a set of four adjustable feet ($5!) and a 4" base platform, also height-adjustable ($15). Another is a set of screw-on clips which hold multiple units together if they are stacked one atop another. Three of the racks and a base platform end up being 86-1/2" (7’ 2-1/2") tall, perfect for me.

The Ikea EKET is best LP storage deal I have found, so if you have enough LP’s to make their storage an economic concern, check it out. It will leave you more dough for the LP’s themselves!

Thanks for the tip, bdp24.
that looks exactly like the Expidit shelf unit that I've been using. The Kallax appears to have some nice accessories (eg, doors, drawers, feet) that I'd like to get for my Expidits if they'll fit.  The one issue I had with the 2x8 units (ie, when using them vertically) is they have some lateral wiggle, which I remedied by installing a diagonal brace on the back. I also installed stops on the back of each cube so the LP's can't slide too far back on the shelf, and it also allows me to line them all up neatly.  They work great with those minor EC's.
For storage systems which may be too deep, here's an inexpensive solution.  Many years ago, before Ikea, I bought some 30"x15"x15" boxes at an unfinished furniture store.  I selected the model with 4 vertical divisions.  I then found some scrap 1"x1" stock which I cut to the width of each division.  I then glued one in each compartment 12.5" back from the front.  That serves as a stopper when albums are inserted while providing a small set back from the front to protect the albums.

Lastly I painted the boxes to improve appearance.  That created storage for 400 LPs for under $100.

But the point is it should be easy to devise some sort of stopper for any box which is too deep. 

bdgregory---The Expidit was the model the Kallax is a replacement for. There was such an outcry when the Expidit was discontinued that Ikea reintroduced it as the Kallax, the name being the only difference between the two. The drawers look like they would be great for CD storage, but the hinges that mount doors to the rack would get in the way of LP’s on the side to which they are mounted. One could put cardboards flats (that come in mail order LP cartons) on that side to solve that problem.

pryso---I had forgotten those chipboard boxes! I used them way back in the 70’s and 80’s, bought at the same unfinished-style store. They were available in a 2-section 15" x 15" version, and the 4-section 30" long one you mention. I too painted mine, and I remember LP covers kind of sticking to the paint. I guess I used the wrong kind! Being chipboard, they were pretty heavy, even moreso when fully loaded. But cheap, and very strong. I looked for some in the 90’s, but never again found them.

By the way, the EKET is available in a bunch of colors---light gray, dark gray (a great charcoal), white, light blue, dark blue, light orange, and bright orange.

I wonder how they compare to Tony's Woodshop record racks regarding price and quality?

I own Per Madsen and have the ability to make my own. I've contiplated the time/material costs vs. buying new.
I've been using a kallax 5x5 (25 openings) for a few years now and have not had any issues with side to side movement possibly because of the larger size. I recently moved it behind my siting position so as to form a hallway and divide my room better. and now that the back is open I picked up some 1 1/2" x 3/8" wooded slats very close to the same finish as the shelving unit (you may have to stain darker to match if needed) cut to the same length as the back and using finishing nails attached them in the middle of each opening from one side to the other about 6'. this actual looks very good and solves the issues with the opening in the back. I believe there is a picture on my profile if not i'll add one.

Good idea Glenn. The Kallax 25 space unit is the best deal around at $199, providing almost 30 linear feet of LP storage (almost 6’ wide, and 5 rows high)! If I got the Kallax (I would be getting a number of the 4-space and 8-space units, my rooms layout not allowing the 25 space model), I was planning on screwing pressed fiberboard onto the rear of each, perhaps even a piece into each space, with 2" x 2" blocks behind each to shorten the depth. The Kallax 8-space unit sells for $65, the 4-space EKET for $50, the Kallax obviously a better deal per linear foot. But I really like the look of the EKET (it looks a little more "finished" than the Kallax, with a even thickness panels having rounded edges), and the charcoal color, not available in the Kallax. It’s all good!
For storage systems which may be too deep, here's an inexpensive solution.  Many years ago, before Ikea, I bought some 30"x15"x15" boxes at an unfinished furniture store.  I selected the model with 4 vertical divisions.  I then found some scrap 1"x1" stock which I cut to the width of each division.  I then glued one in each compartment 12.5" back from the front.  That serves as a stopper when albums are inserted while providing a small set back from the front to protect the albums.
this is exactly what I did. 

thanks bdp24 - I'm ordering some drawer units.  I don't like using the lower cubes for LP's since in my old age it's too hard to stoop down that low. The drawers will make good use of those cubes.
@bdp24 .......where do you get a 25 cube unit (5x5) for $199?!
spelly, the 25 space Kallax is listed and pictured on the Ikea website at the $199 price (plus shipping), and is priced the same in the Portland Oregon store I went into. I would think that is the price at all Ikea locations, but have no way to verify that. There is also a 16-cubicle version (4 spaces wide, 4 high) that is an even better deal at $109! The 8-cubicle model is priced at $65, and the 4-cubicle at $35. Great deals one and all. The fully enclosed and slightly smaller EKET’s are priced as follows: 13-3/4" cube @ $20, 2-cubicle 13-3/4" x 27-1/2" @ $30, and 4-cubicle 27-1/2" x 27-1/2" @ $50. The rear of each EKET is predrilled for the clips (an optional accessory priced @ $5/dozen) that secure multiple units together for stacking, and hardware to secure the EKET to a wall is included with each model. I also like the optional 4" high platform (with height-adjustable feet) to get the rack off the floor, priced @ $10 (for the narrower version) and $15 (for the wider). Why spend more? Some of the LP racks out there cost as much as do all the used LP’s it takes to fill them!
+bdp24 "The Expidit was the model the Kallax is a replacement for. There was such an outcry when the Expidit was discontinued that Ikea reintroduced it as the Kallax, the name being the only difference between the two."

Not true. The Expedit had thicker shelves.
I have a 4x4 Expedit FULL of vinyl. I use vinyl sleeves for my vinyl, so the open back isn’t a problem, and when it’s full of records it is so freaking stable. Good thing it’s on a concrete floor! That’s great there are other fancier looking options now though. I just need an IKEA closer than 3 hrs..
Thanks Jeff, I did not know that. I don’t think the Kallax’s thinner shelves (I believe they are 5/8", 3/4" at most) should be a problem, as they are braced every 15" or so.
I really like your new avatar Eric !

so far I have organized (well sort of) the albums in.

One 5 x 5 and, Two 4 x 4 Expedits.
One 4 x4 Kallax - thinner shelves less wood
The frequent plays 200 or so are kept on the floor in the room where I can flip through them. I like to see the full cover when choosing. 

I have a 4x4 Expedit FULL of vinyl. I use vinyl sleeves for my vinyl, so the open back isn’t a problem, and when it’s full of records it is so freaking stable.

So you are using the wall support brackets too ?

Hey, how did that happen?! I must have signed on through Facebook recently, as that is my Facebook profile pic, playing my first drum on Christmas morning 1954.

Damn Chris---one 5 x 5, three 4 x 4? You must have a lotta LP's! I had about 5,000 until late 2015, when I went through them in preparation for my move from S. California to S. Washington, weeding out the non-essential, duplicates, etc, leaving me with about 3,500 or so. I did the same with my CD's, going from about 10,000 down to around 6,000 I'm guessing. So much music, so little time (left)! I just finished Humphrey Burtons biography of Leonard Bernstein, and Bernstein himself became increasingly concerned with his remaining time as he approached turning 70, feeling like he had so much more to do. I have a lot of LP's and CD's that I have yet to hear even once, a lot of music left to discover. Use your time wisely, youngins'!

I did the same with my CD’s, going from about 10,000 down to around 6,000 I’m guessing.

Holy Moly .......

Use your time wisely, youngins’!

words of wisdom

I’m tryin', but I find anxiety caused by among other things... our kids !..... is forcing me to turn to familiar music (from my youth) comforts the soul ... its delaying me from discovering the new for me music waiting on the shelves.

I do exactly the same Chris, listening to old favorites in moments of stress. I need to have a clear head to absorb new music, especially complex (Classical) music.
I have a 4x4 Expedit with an added 1/4" plywood backing and five sets of their casters. Completely full of LPs it's easily moved over our hardwood flooring.

i bought some ikea kallas and i like them alot... they come in various finishes and configurations and are easy to assemble and very solid...
Hello, did you already set up the eket? I wonder how it looks like with records in it.
cant find any pictures anywhere.

No, I'm picking mine up on Monday. As the interior compartments are essentially 13" cubes (height, width, and depth), it's perfect for LP's. And it has a rear panel! It also displays much less swaying left-to-right than the backless Ikea shelving units. The EKET is a little more dough than them, but not by much. I really like the charcoal color available.
Hey bdp24, which base are you getting, if any? I'm considering these and like the look of the wood base, but I'm conserned it wouldn't support a shelf full of records. 
jt, I’m getting six of the 4-compartment 27-1/2" x 27-1/2" x 13-3/4" EKET’s, stacking them three high as two separate racks (a 12-pack of connecting hardware is available for securing multiple EKET’s to each other for stability, a real good idea). For the base of each stack I’m going with the 27-1/2" x 13-3/4" birch "underframe". Since the 4-cube EKET is 2 compartments wide, I too thought it might not be supported enough in the middle for the weight of LP’s by the long span of that underframe, as the frame has a foot at each of its four corners only, not in the middle of its 27-1/2" length. What one can do is get two of the shorter underframes, which are 9-7/8" long, rather than one long one. Two of the shorter frames side-by-side are the same length as a single longer one, but there will then be support in the middle of the EKET provided by the two "inner" feet of each underframe---the two 9-7/8" underframes will meet in the middle of the 2-compartment wide EKET, providing support there. I took a look at the longer underframe, and it appears plenty stiff enough to not bow under the weight of even a fully-loaded 2-cube wide EKET. But for anyone wanting to take extra precaution that option is available. The legs of the underframe, by the way, have height-adjustable feet, for leveling. The longer underframe is priced at $15, the shorter at $10.
Thanks very much! I also need six, but will probably need to stack them two high. I had much the same thought about the supports, but wasn't sure the single length under frame would attach to a double wide unit. Let us know how it turns out!
jt, take a look at the listing of the double EKET on the IKEA site. It is two of the 4-compartment models side-by-side, with a long underframe under each unit. IKEA sells that combination (two 4-compartment EKET's, two long underframes) as a separate model, but it's priced the same as buying each piece separately, no price break. The pic of it shows you exactly what it will look like.
Thanks bdp24. Makes  Looks like it's time to get to an IKEA and check them out. 
Hey bdp24, thank you for all your info on the IKEA EKET solution for LPs! I’m considering buying some Eket cubes for my rapidly growing collection (and shrinking wallet), but before I make a trip to my nearest Ikea store I’m really interested in hearing your experience with storing LPs in them? My worry is that the cubes are just a liiittle bit too small for the LPs, like when you have filled a cube with LPs you can’t even get a finger in the gap above the cover. Am I right or wrong? Again, thanks a lot for your input.
g-klaven, the 13" interior dimensions (height, width, depth) of the compartments in the EKET is perfect for LP's imo. With the front of each LP about 3/4" from the front of the EKET, and the top of each LP about 3/4" from the shelf above it, it is no problem to get a finger between the LP covers top and the shelf. If one keeps his LP's snug but not tight (as one should, to prevent ring wear), a finger can also be inserted between LP's to remove one. If one desires more space, the Ikea Kallax provides that.
Also, the Ikea Bitrade is larger than the EKET, at 28-3/8" top-to-bottom and side-to-side, and 15-3/8" deep. It also cheaper than the EKET, at $24.99, but available only in white.
I aso got interested in the IKEA Eket but am a bit sceptical if the shelves can really support the weight of 60+ vinyls. According to IKEA they can carry up to 15kg...
I also wonder if the single cubicles (not the 2x2 cubicles) can accommodate vinyls. To me they look much nicer than the 2x2 but I am afraid they are not high enough for LPs, especially when the covers are in protective plastic sleeves that are slightly larger than your average LP cover.

I have only a few special boxsets taller than 12-7/8", the interior height of the EKET. Anyone contemplating purchasing them can measure their LP’s to see if 12-7/8" will do. As for weight capacity, the EKET seems sturdier to me than does the Kallax, which a lot of collectors have been using without incident for a few years. Ikea specifies 29 lbs. maximum for each Kallax shelf, 33 for each in the EKET.
Thanks but the EKET  are sit on the floor which makes them way too low. Eket has wall cabinet suspension rails but I would not trust them since the weight of LP's accumulate to remarkably heavy loads..  I will keep my eye on a piece of furniture with many drawers. 2nd hand stores are loaded with great used quality furniture that my offer exactly what you are looking for to house your record collection.
Most record cabinets sit on the floor. The EKET can, but doesn't have to. As mentioned above, Ikea offers a 4-legged base for the EKET which raises it 4" from the floor, plenty high enough for me. The base is pictured on the Ikea website for anyone interested. 
Thanks for all your research, will be going to get these soon. Quick question, do you think a Kallax insert (13 x 13) will fit into a Eket? Only could find the dimensions
It would be very close punki, but if you live by an IKEA you can take one of the Kallax inserts on display in the showroom and try to put it into an EKET cubicle. IKEA may eventually offer inserts for the EKET as well, which would be great.
Thanks for the tip! Can I ask what's wrong with Valje? They're on sale here and I cannot tell the difference between Eket and Valje
I needed more record storage. So I tried Bed Bath & Beyond's Crosley record storage box ($33) holds about 75 LP's. It is not stackable as the albums tops are exposed. I always use outside album covers. It doesn't look bad and is pretty sturdy. It exactly fit my needs.

There are a few differences between the two:

1- The Valje is 11-3/4" deep, the Eket 13-3/4".

2- The Valje is 59" tall by 39-3/8" wide, and priced at $149. The Eket is 27-1/2" square at $50. So for the price of one Valje, one can get three Eket’s. For $149, a single Valje provides 157 linear feet of shelf space; for $150, three Eket’s 165 feet.

3- Each shelf of the Eket is divided into two identical 12-3/4" wide cubicles. Each shelf in the Valje is divided into two different width cubicles, one twice the width of the other. At roughly 39" wide, that’s about 13" for the smaller cubicle, 26" for the wider. I don’t like LP’s in a space with supporting walls that far apart. The wider the space, the more weight and pressure is exerted on warpable LP’s.

4- The Eket can be stacked three units high (as are mine), for a total height of 7’ 2" (including the optional 4" tall "underframe"). The hardware for attaching one Eket to another is provided with each, holes drilled into the rear of each Eket to accept the brackets that do so. The Valje, at 59" tall, can not be stacked in a room with the common 8’ high ceiling, requiring at least 10’. Plus, means of securing one Valje to another is not designed into the unit. The top shelf of the 7’ 2" tall stack of three Eket’s can be easily reached; the top shelf of an almost 10’ tall stack of two Valje’s not so much.

+bdp24 "The Expidit was the model the Kallax is a replacement for. There was such an outcry when the Expidit was discontinued that Ikea reintroduced it as the Kallax, the name being the only difference between the two."

"Not true. The Expedit had thicker shelves"
The outcry was pointless as the Kallax was introduced with thinner and less weight for maximizing shipping costs and minimizing material usage to keep with Ikea's "green" campaign of sustainable products........... That is why the Expedit was dropped for the lighter yet just as stable Kallax series.........

When I said their names was the only difference between the Expidit and Kallax, I was speaking in terms of the over-all dimensions, style (room divider with no back panel), and LP capacity. At a glance, they look very, very similar, if not identical.

To me it’s now moot, as I much prefer the design of the Eket. I bought six of the 4-cubicle version (27-1/2" height and width, 13-3/4" depth, with a back panel---perfect for LP’s!), making two stacks of 3-Eket high units, each stack on the optional 4" high base unit. My search for LP storage is over!

I just bought a Kallax shelving unit, it has the ability ( which I added) of having caster feet if utilized horizontally, and therefore can roll. It looked to me as if the Eket shelving was far less beefy than the Kallax. For a little money, this Kallax is going to do the trick for multi LP storage. 

When you go to roll the Kallax on it’s casters, push near the bottom of it’s side, rather than the middle, or even worse, near it’s top. Perhaps because it has no back panel, the Kallax exhibits some "give" in the lateral direction. I pushed on the top corner at one end of both the 16-cubicle and 25-cubicle Kallax, and they weren’t completely stiff---the whole assembly became out of square. I did the same with the 4-cubicle Eket, and the box remained square, showing no sign of movement. Now that I have assembled my Ekets, I can attest to their structural strength and stiffness.

There have been reports of the larger (16 and 25 cube) Kallaxs collapsing when fully loaded with LP’s. When I was going to go with them, I was intending to get multiples of the 8-cubicle version, as many as necessary to hold all my LPs. I would lay the Kallax on it’s side---horizontally as Davey intends, rather than place it vertically, standing up. Adding a cross-member to the back of the Kallax, as some have done, is also an idea worth considering. The Kallax is definitely the best value around, the cost per LP very low. Just be gentle with them once they’re loaded!

By the way, the "beefiness" of the Kallax, if it is perceived that way because of the thickness of it’s outer panels, is illusionary. Those panels are made of lightweight pressed-fibreboard, that "hollow-core" stuff, as are those of the Eket. The Kallax’s thicker outer panels, in comparison the those of the Eket, provide no additional strength.

I assembled the six 4-cubicle EKET's I bought, in two stacks of three cabinets. Each group of three cabs are fastened together on the back, and screwed onto the 4" high, 4-legged base with adjustable feet (for leveling) that IKEA offers for the EKET. When the back panel is slid into place, the final (top) panel installed, and the little plugs inserted into the cabinets rear, the finished EKET is very structurally stiff and inflexible. When mounted onto the base, place against a wall, and fully loaded with the LP's, the stack is absolutely unmovable! It feels like it's part of the rooms structure, as if it's built in.

The six cabinets didn't provide as much LP storage as I require, so I went back and bought three more, and another base. I went up to the showroom to take another look at the KALLAX, particularly in terms of structural rigidity. After being surprised by just how stiff my stacks of EKET's are, I was now surprised by how wobbly the KALLAX is. I believe that rack can be considerably stiffened with the addition of cross supports on it's rear. Without them, I would not have enough confidence in the KALLAX to put my LP collection into one.