New Ian Anderson

Ian's new offering Homo Erraticus is absolutely his best solo album to date. This album sounds like it would have emergered in the Songs From the Woods,Heavy Horses,Storm Watch era. Sounds like really good Jethro Tull although they have disbanded Listen for yourself.
I just bought my tickets to the show,he will be doing the album and then the second half will be some of his favorite Jethro Tull songs
Can't wait to hear it! Thanks!
Wow i am really not liking this at all.
Please, this guy hasn't been news since 1985.
And neither have you Judyazblues since like never.
Ian Anderson would do very well doing the Rennaisance fair festival circuit with that shtick.
I don't think Ian has to worry about what we think. He and Tull had an exceptional music career, some great albums, some not so great.
I'd like to hear this. See if Ian has any new tricks up his sleeve in his old age.

If Richie Blackmore could loan Ian Candice Night to sing and for some eye candy to-boot, that would help. :^)
Not bad . Rather undistinguishable from any of his other stuff . Typical leaping gnome !