New House speaker recommendations

I have recently moved and my new listening room is dramatically smaller (10x14). I am currently using totem Forest signature speakers with a storm sub, but I feel they are a bit large for the room.  I am running a Shindo Monbrison preamp, Quicksilver V4 monos and a custom turntable.  I generally listen to Jazz and blues.  I am look at speakers in the 2-5k range used. I am open to all type of speakers so long as they sound good. 

thanks in advance for your recommendations. 
I think those speakers will work fine in your room. Set them up on the 10 foot long wall, 2 feet into the room 7 feet apart, and 1.5 feet from the side walls, and sit 7 feet away. You'll be in the golden spot of the room for best sound. I really don't think you'll have many issues if you treat the first point reflections with some panels to absorb some of the high end, use a high pile rug, and furnish the room a bit with soft couches, pillows.
Good luck.