New Home Theater Equipment


I am looking for home theater separates to replace my existing Lexicon RV-5. Speakers are B&W Nautilus 804s with HTM2 as the center channel and a REL sub woofer. I was wondering if you have any views on the following equipment that I am considering. System will be for 100% HT usage. The room is around 15 feet x 12 feet.

a) Meridian G68 with G55
b) Krell S-1200U with S1500
c) Cary Cinema 11A + 11V with Cinema 5
d) Classe SSP-800 + CA-5200

This is my first post...any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Take a 'split' approach. A pre-pro plus your current separate amps. Look at Onkyo's Interga line. Great Sound, value too.
I am not sure that I understand. Are you recommending that I buy a new pre-pro and use my existing RV-5 receiver as a amplifier?

I currently use a Classe SSP800 along with a Krell 5x200 Theater Amplifier standard with good results. The SSP800 is musical while the Krell has great dynamics during movies.
I own a Cary Cinema 11a. I have had problems with it and even sent it back to Cary. They uploaded new software and said it checked fine. It blew a tweeter out of my Totem Model 1's as soon as I got it back. IMO, the 11a has a digital switching issue that may be software related but is a problem. The unit sounds great when it operates properly. But.......