New home theater advice?

Many of you have probably seen my posts and might be familiar with my ideas, but here goes. My big case finally came through and I have about 35,000 to spend on a new setup. I will be about 50/50 between listing to audio and dvd/tv play back. Please help me design a system. unfortunately i live in memphis tn and dont have many options as far as dealers go. Please advise me.

Gonna have to buy some used, but here are at least some suggestions, based on what I would do if I 35 g's burning a hole in my pocket, and didn't have to pay all that back alimony and child-support.

Stage 1
Aeriel speakers all the way around, including a sub. Theta CasaBlanca pre/pro and the Camelot Roundtable DVD player. Amps, probably Proceed HPA 2's and 3's as needed, or Bryston 4Bst's. All that will be about $25k, give or take, again buying much of it used.

Stage 2
Now add a HDTV sat.receiver, a high perf. flatscreen or rear projection t.v., interconnects, a psaudio powerplant and if you are lucky, you'll have just enough for an SACD player of some sort.

If so, well, you're there--the promised land. Or, you could just go to Vegas, and try and turn it into $70k. so you can step into a real system (3 stages) instead of the clunker outlined above, which is what I would do. Can't miss using my roulette double-down system. Email for further details.
Hi, Marsh: I just finished reading Kublakahn's happy post in which he reflects of the goodness of another Audiogon participant. In that spirit, I have a simple solution: please send the $35K directly to me, and I will be glad to build your system for you...
Looks like Thunders has you on the right track, check out the Pioneer pro 610 or 710 hdtv's for around $7k. also check out lexicon, krell and thiel as well. good luck.
Hello again, Marsh:

I would first like to congratulate you on your recent court victory. Not that I would want to make light on other people's misfortune, but that's what happens in life when we have to go to court to get a handle on a situation or settle a dispute in which we cannot settle ourselves. But anyway, I am glad that things worked out great for you. But anyway, now that you have "a COOL" $35K burning a hole right in your pocket, I am going to attempt to design you an audio/home theater system in which I don't think that neither you nor anyone else won't sneeze at.

Now, as for the system..... if I had $35K to spend, here's the way I would go about it.

Speakers: Aerial Acoustics 10T (front and rears) + Aerial Acoustics CC5 (center channel) + Aerial Acoustics SW12 (powered subwoofer....... x2) -- $3,500.00 + $1,750.00 + $4,500.00 = $13,250.00 (all used)

Power Amplifier: Krell KAV-1500 -- $4,000.00 (used)

Pre/Pro Surround Sound Processor: Krell Home Theater Standard -- $3,000.00 (used)

DVD Player: Pioneer DV-38A -- $1,800.00 (brand new)

Monitor: Sony PFM-42B1 Plasma HDTV Monitor (42-Inches) -- $8,000.00 (brand new)

SACD Player: Sony SCD-777ES -- $1,500.00 (used)

D/A Converter: MSB Link DAC III -- $600.00* (brand new.... for the playback of regular CD's on the Sony SCD-777ES)

And then spend the balance of your budget on cabling and maybe, a PS Audio Power Plant.

This would be a great system to go with for starters. I also like the ideas that the other posters have posted before I have posted my post. They have posted some great ideas to consider in their own right.

And "J_Thunders", it sounds like you may have the right idea about doubling your money. "Vegas" sounds great. But since I live on the east coast, I think I'll opt for Atlantic City. What do you think of Atlantic City as another option??

Anyway Marsh, let us know what you finally decide to go with. Good luck with assembling that "kick ass" system. I think in no time, you'll be enjoying that system. Maybe the next time I am in Tennessee, maybe I'll stop in and we'll check out a flick together.


Oh, by the way, the "*" mark that I have put beside the MSB Link DAC III means it depends on which options (better power supplies, upgraded circuitry, etc....) you decide to go with when (and if) you choose to acquire one.

Sounds good and the big case that i referred to is an insurance case. I am an insurance broker by day. I once thought about law school but that is as close to a court room as i've ever come. But, anyways thanks for all the great advice and i just might take a 45 minute trip to Tunica. Thanks for all of your input. I really can be frustrating shopping for this system in a city where i have a very limited selection of components available to audition. Tahnks.