New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning

Purchased a cheap $199.00 stainless steel digital ultrasonic cleaner with a very nice record cleaning attachment off Amazon and I am having a blast.

This thing is heated, has a timer and an electric motor to rotate the records in the US tank. It is a 6L unit and it is made in China. Seems well built and it cleans records like a much more expensive machine.

I have cleaned a half dozen albums that are 40 plus years old and have only been cleaned with vacuuming machines and this thing is great. The albums I have cleaned sound darn near new and my wife thought I bought another new cartridge or phono pre-amp.

Can not recommend this type of cleaning system enough.

Rediscover those old albums.. if this thing lasts a couple of years I will be a happy dude. 
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Everything "works", compared to doing nothing.
I second Herman's post about the Gem Dandy Record Cleaner. I still use my Ultrasonic V-8 machine for a final treatment after the Gem Dandy treatment. I add a few tablespoons of alcohol and a 6-8 drops of Photoflo to the tank, per David Radcliffe's recommendation (RIP David). Nonetheless, the Gem Dandy beats the pants off of ultrasonic cleaner otherwise. I did steam cleaning for a few years as well and it came nowhere near as close to these other methods. Nothing beats high pressure tap water to clean records.
Like what @lewm said anything is better than nothing.

No way I am putting Texas tap water on my LP’s.

Close enough to Austin, on lake Travis shores, if anyone would like to share their love of audio in my house of stereo I would welcome them.