New high end from Serbia? Auris audio

Has anyone heard of Auris audio? I had a chance to listen to their latest tube integrated 
Fortissimo. I was very impressed. It was paired with their own Auris Poison 4 speakers. Both the amp and speakers look very unconventional. 
The amp looks absolutely beautiful, massive front panel made of aluminium, huge transformers and tubes. Pictures don't do it justice, the amp looks much bigger and more elegant in real life. 
Fortissimo boasts impressive power at 100W per channel. I could certainly appreciate it with solid bass and
huge dynamics with massive sound stage. The sound enveloped the whole room and was very 3 dimensional. I could almost walk around the instruments. Vocals were equally amazing.
Has anyone had any experience with Auris and this particular amp? Not much information on this manufacturer on forums. Their asking price is rather steep for a relatively new and unknown company. Thoughts? 
  I looked up Auris Audio's website. The company began operations in 2014. They have one distributor in the U.S. One.That's it. ei1001h, you said it yourself in your post: "Their asking price is rather steep for a relatively new and unknown company." I'm sure your reaction to their amp, etc. was well founded, but the question I always ask is how long will this company be around if I buy one of their products? In my 38 years in this hobby, I have seen many high-end companies go out of business. There are no sure guarantees, but if I was going to spend the kind of money that they are asking, I'd look for a company that already has a long-term established track record. 
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I happen to live within half hour of this upstate NY dealer. Thanks for sound advice Scorpio, I didn't think about stability of the company long term. 

So I take it most people here have never heard this amp. 
Let your ears and your experience be your guide, especially if you find it to be superior to other options in a similar price range.

The amps / design is mature technology and should be independently serviceable, if that ever becomes an issue.

Thanks for bringing this company to my attention. I’m getting a whiff of the Italian school. : )
I've reached out to my Serbian contacts to see what they know. At face value, I would be hesitant to invest as a consumer. Four to five years with a massive product assortment like they have makes me believe they might be trying to be everything for everyone and spreading themselves too thin. A solid company usually has a singular specialty where they truly excel - I'd be curious to see what it is with them. 
Here are a few reviews from Audio shows that I attended.

There are are a few more on YouTube you can view as well. Enjoy!🎼😄
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My contacts don't know much if anything about Auris, which surprises me given they are a smaller nation.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.