New High End Audio Dealer in Midwest

Hello everybody. I’ve been a part of the Audiogon community for a number of years as a consumer, where my old username was thiefoflight. Some of you may remember some of our discussions.

I wanted to let you know that I recently started a high end audio company called Bliss Hifi located in the Minneapolis region in the upper midwest. Part of my business is dedicated to guiding people in their journeys and helping build their dream hifi systems. As such, I am now an authorized dealer for a few notable brands, including T+A, Aurender, Audionet, DH Labs, and Tri-Planar tonearms, and I’m also reaching out to more manufacturers to secure a relationship with them. I also offer very attractive trade-in value towards equipment. If you are in need of guidance anywhere across the US, or if you are in the upper midwest and want to have an appointment set up for a demo or consultation, I’d be happy to chat more. This is a true passion project of mine, and I love to network with audiophiles, so no pressure to buy - I just love to listen and help where I can.

In addition to services for audiophiles, I also have a >20-year career in product strategy, product design, marketing and user experience. I have been working with a few audio companies the past few years to help them bring new products and features to market, and I am helping them to understand which people are best fit for their products. I hope this can be seen as a valuable service to the audiophile market as well, as it means more relevant and valuable components that drive greater value to you at the end of the day.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them openly to facilitate discussion on this thread or PM me directly. Would love to hear from you!

Thank you!

Juan Charvet
Bliss Hifi



@mr_m Do keep me in mind next time you’re in town. I also offer shipping services on equipment so if there’s anything particular I carry that you are interested in, definitely get in touch. 

Coming in late here, but good to hear Juan is going into business.  He's one of the smartest guys--and one of the nicest guys--I've run across in audio over 40 years.  Total straight shooter.  Best of luck to him.


Great to read about your new store. Best of luck. My systems have more or less been purchased from a boutique shops and is currently heavily Linn centric. Small speciality dealers are the only why to fly. I got into Hi-Fi in my late middle school and early high school and have only worked with small dealers ever since.