New High End Audio Dealer in Midwest

Hello everybody. I’ve been a part of the Audiogon community for a number of years as a consumer, where my old username was thiefoflight. Some of you may remember some of our discussions.

I wanted to let you know that I recently started a high end audio company called Bliss Hifi located in the Minneapolis region in the upper midwest. Part of my business is dedicated to guiding people in their journeys and helping build their dream hifi systems. As such, I am now an authorized dealer for a few notable brands, including T+A, Aurender, Audionet, DH Labs, and Tri-Planar tonearms, and I’m also reaching out to more manufacturers to secure a relationship with them. I also offer very attractive trade-in value towards equipment. If you are in need of guidance anywhere across the US, or if you are in the upper midwest and want to have an appointment set up for a demo or consultation, I’d be happy to chat more. This is a true passion project of mine, and I love to network with audiophiles, so no pressure to buy - I just love to listen and help where I can.

In addition to services for audiophiles, I also have a >20-year career in product strategy, product design, marketing and user experience. I have been working with a few audio companies the past few years to help them bring new products and features to market, and I am helping them to understand which people are best fit for their products. I hope this can be seen as a valuable service to the audiophile market as well, as it means more relevant and valuable components that drive greater value to you at the end of the day.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them openly to facilitate discussion on this thread or PM me directly. Would love to hear from you!

Thank you!

Juan Charvet
Bliss Hifi



@blisshifi Got it.  I know it well.  At my shop in SO FL back in the day, we were able to get both lines since no one else wanted them.  Jim Ryder (yes, the truck people--the son) had McIntosh and had been with them for years.  Even though he was in Miami (Hi-Fi Associates), we could not get it, but my other store in WPB had it.  No worries--it wasn't that good other than local doctors LOVED it and were in competition with each other to get the newest pieces.  Those were the days!

Anyway, we even had Fair Trade back then.  You probably know what that is, and it was difficult to deal with in a competitive environment.  Our local discounter back then, Luskins, was buying train-car loads of overruns from Sony and selling them for less than our cost.  Even though this was a fairly small market back then, it was VERY competitive.  Very esoteric lines like Sequerra and Nakamichi had no issues putting product in every shop, even though we only had a few area shops back then.

I am sympathetic to the situation there with these lines.  The best you can do is quietly work to have the best possible physical environment for maybe one or two items--home theater from Magnepan comes to mind as a niche product that you might be able to set up in your shop in a way that attracts them and gives you a small entree to the larger line with a well-set-up, dedicated space that differentiates your shop from the others.  With ARC, well, sales are sales at that level, so you will have to prove yourself to them over time with QUALIFIED sales people, I guess.  Back in the day, Bill would visit our shop and yell at us about pretty much everything.  Wendell is with Magnepan last I heard, but he must be ready to retire soon if he is as old as I am! 

Whatever, best of luck.  It is both a rewarding and very difficult business!


@richopp Your experiences are very valuable, thanks for sharing. If it’s okay with you, I might reach out personally to chat with you one day soon and pick your brain!


I just left Minneapolis last week to visit relatives. Wish I would have known about you then. Back in Arizona now.

@mr_m Do keep me in mind next time you’re in town. I also offer shipping services on equipment so if there’s anything particular I carry that you are interested in, definitely get in touch.