New Guy asking for help

Need advise: Which is best for my budget, this or that? And is it better to use these with that or those with this? Or would you guys suggest the other way around? Also, I have the usual size room with a ceiling. Should that or this go on one side or on the other? Please be advice!
Only you can know the anwers to these questions! Go out and listed to this, compare it to that, and don't let anyone tell you what you like but you. For the room, contact Rives. Good luck, you'll need it!
Start with a good bottle of synergy.
Kubla, the answer to your query is, "yes, absolutely!" Other than that I advise you to look in the dictionary or a book on English grammar to learn how to properly use the words "advise," and "advice". How do you like my advice, so far? Is it all you were hoping for, more or less? :)
Kublakhan, are you out of your mind? "This" will never go with "that" unless you enjoy the shrill screaming of bands like Rush.

The biggest problem other than your obvious complete ignorance of this entire hobby, is your equipment rack. The cables you mentioned will never work with a rack like yours. I would suggest you spend some time in the gym and work on that rack.

Your budget is meaningless since you must be prepared to spend at least 50% more than you have budgeted for any piece of equipment.

A big issue you have completely failed to take into account is the aesthetics of a system. It really doesn't matter what you buy since everything sounds the same, but cheaper gear always sounds better than more expensive stuff. The only issue to consider when buying is whether the new piece looks good with the old junk. It is critical to a pleasant listening experience to have gear that is coordinated cosmetically. Make sure you do not ask your wife for any help since all women want to be dressed by men anyway (otherwise why would they buy their clothes from Calvin Klein, Georgio Armani, Joseph Abboud, and Gianni Versace)!

All things considered, you are barking up the wrong tree.
Oh--I think Nrchy has best asvise; maybe next time I'll be better advice... :)
1. The one you can't afford is best for your budget...
2. Don't ever use any of those with these or the others...
3. Never put things the other way around, particularly if they should be upside down...
4. Enlarge your room and remove the ceiling to obtain the most open, airy sound...
5. Build a dome home, so it won't matter which side you put it on...

Hope this helps.
We can't help you unless you give us the specifics of your most recent blood and urine tests. Then we'll be able to tell you exactly what to do because we are audio gods and we, not you, have all the answers. In the meantime, try changing your diet.
I take it from your post that there is currently no music in the house and that the amps are still out for repairs/mods.

Other than taking long elevator rides @ Neimen-Marcus and endlessly browsing Amoeba (in order to catch some tunes) you could always drive out to Whittier BLVD. and listen to the car stereo's.
thanks guys! I'm starting to get a handle on this and that from your advise here and there and it seems the bottom line is i have to rethink everything. or did i miss something?
Interestingly enough, I was pondering the very same subjective/objective conundrum just yesterday. I changed it from that side to this side, swapped out those, completely changed from the other (although it was secondary) and just ordered the cryo'd version today. That's the real crux of it all, you need the cryo'd version.

Good luck & remember, "Just do it".
This is this and that is that and never the twain shall meet.I'd listen to this friend's system and that friend's system and objetivly ask yourself what you do and don't like(your friends won't be pressuring you to buy to collect a commission)). Please remember that you do not listen to this price tag or that brand logo;you listen to the music.
Use "that" cable and you will be audio nirvana
Driver: What kind of conundrum do you recommend? With or without ribs.
stop worring about it so much, there is no high end system in the world that compares to the Bose Wave Radio. I saw it on TV so its GOTTA be true right?

This is too tinny, That is too mushy, and the other has no imaging, mixing this and that is a bad idea unless you have the other between them.

i also like the reccommendation of removing the ceiling, but you might want to take it another step and remove the walls and floors as well, then have a gigantic slab of marble layed in the hole that used to be the foundation.

or better yet, get a shotgun and kidnap your favorite music artists and make em shutttup and sing/play.

"No highs, No lows, Must be Bose"
I would start by getting a floor to go with your usual sized room and ceiling otherwise speaker placement will be tricky.
Don, you just had to mention food! I was doing fine until a minute ago. BTW, I prefer with. goes.

Nirvana always "seems" to be in someone else's system, but is no farther than our own minds.

I all depends on how you define "This" or "That".

If you stand on your head halfway between this and that, you don't have to change the floor and the ceiling!

This and that ALWAYS sound better the more you spend on this and that.

And lastly, the more your friends want YOUR this and that, the beter it sounds.
I guess there are still some good drugs out there.
It won't work since you have a Ceiling, & a NON-Unusual Room! O.K. but you didn't mention any Floor?
Therefore I recommend Ceiling mounting all your equipment.
I got tired of paying for the hype and hoopla that always seems to accompany "this" AND "that". I refuse to be a pawn in a never ending shell game! I've totally abandoned this and that, made a clean break, and have finally gone with "the other thing"! Lots less money,and I couldn't be more happy now!
Well, now i'm not following any of this.
But didja understand That?

Since you aren't following any of this you must be a leader.
I'm uhpauled at ALL of yoo and sickend by the sugjestyuns hear. This pore sole is looking fore onust addvice and all yoo do is string him uhlong with nonsence. Shaim on all of yoo !!! Shawn

PS... : )
Now that the Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things is no longer, you should found the Society for Using This with That or That with This. Should make for some very silly annual meetings.
Kublakhan what was going through your head when you decided to Slap us with this sympathetic thread?

"New Guy" that's a good one!!! LMAO

P.S. To all Newcomers to this hobby, the recommendations made above are posted with some twisted sense of humor!

Under No Conditions are they to be considered by anyone other than a veteran audiophile such as Kublakhan!
Audiobugged's right guys; messing with this, that and the other thing can really screw up your life. leave well enough alone. and if you think that's mere hyperbole... the last time i tinkered with this half the power in the northeast went down. (i'm speaking confidentially here) it'll be a cold day in hell before i fiddle with the other thing, i'll tell you that right now. as the late, great yogi bear once said, 'Hey, boo-boo!' anyway, there's a court order so...

Of course I should qualify my comments by reminding you that I’m only speaking from my personal experience and this or that may or may not work in your particular system. My room, for example, tends to be on the smallish size and the former tenant must have been a hardcore audiophile because it is lined with sound absorbers top to bottom. The tough thing here is there are no outlets except from 9-3 on Sundays.

the best advise is to listen very carefully to what others have to say here, and then ask albert porter.
So your the guy who pluged in his Pass X1000 monoblocks into a 2 prong non-grounded outlet of a house with a 60 amp. fuse service & caused the NY & Canadian power Black Out?

Kublakhan, Are you sure it's a smallish listening room, or maybe just your Ex-Roomates padded cell?

Remember as in "Pulp Fiction" when all goes wrong bring up "The Gimp"!
That. Those are used with this. Never the other way around, geez. Great, ceilings are good. On the other side is best.

Move along were done here.
Earlier in the thread someone suggested listening to the systems of some of your friends, perhaps as a point of reference. This can be helpful, but often dangerous advise!

At one point I attempted this same thing. I listened to the systems of several freinds and discovered I liked all their systems, but didn't like any of them!

Who do they think they are having systems like that??? If there was any justice in this fascist country they would be listening to beautiful heads of cabbage while I enjoyed the calming strains of Wagner on their systems!

The frustration level of all this listening was so dramatic that at the end I ran screaming in every direction possible at the same time and haven't been seen since. If anyone sees me please send me home since I am so lonely without me.

Remember, this is all an attempt to help.
Is this anything? Uhh, I dunno...Does it float? Signed, your friend Dave Letterman