New grill fabric for Dunlavy

Hi folks, my Dunlavy SC-V's grill fabric is letting loose at the sides where it is wrapped around the grill's edge and where it is glued to the grill. Now, I'm not a furniture of loudspeaker manufacturer, so I can not fix this problem properly. To whom does this problem belong anyway, to the furniture or loudspeaker manufacturer? Can the fabric be attached to the grill again in a neat and professional (and certainly not sloppy) way? Once again, should I ask a furniture maker to do the job, or should I contact a speaker manufacturer if this could be done at the factory? I hope you can give me some good advice.
If you can't do it take it to an upholstery shop. It's actually pretty easy as all you have to do is stretch it out and reattach it, just did my VMPS's a few months ago. You can also get new grill cloth from Madisound or Parts Express. Dunlavy is no longer around so you will not get too far there.
I did this with hot glue & "speaker fabric" from the local craft store (where my wife's a regular). I agree with Warnerwh, it's a pretty easy job.
Well, I think I can do it also, but you see, I'm affraid of making a mess of it: the most difficult part is to attach the fabric in such a way that the edge of the fabric follows a straight line (not making curves) and the fabric itself is not wrapped in the corners, if you know what I mean.

Btw, do you know if a grill cloth made from silk is better, acoustically speaking than the usual stretch fabric? I know the fabric Sonus Faber used for the Extrema was made from silk.