New Grill Cloth

Greetings fellow music loving souls!

I need recover my speaker grills (KEFS). Does anybody know what the best source is for some good acoustic grill cloth?

Here is a source:

Best? I dunno.
You can also check out:
If you want an extremely transparent semi opaque black (spandex) grill cover, the material manufactured for the Soundlab speaker fits the bill.

I have a spare cover that would probably do both your speakers and have some left over. Let me know if this is of interest to you after looking at the other options.
I actually went dirently to KEF to get new grill cloths with frames for a pair of Q55 (pre floorstander model). At the time (1994), it ran me about $60 (all in). I believe KEF's US headquarters was/is in Virginia.
Thanks to everybody for their responses. I will recover them myself and now have a good options for some grill cloth. The frame is plastic...does anybody have any recommendations on the best adhesive and techniques? I'm sure it is easier to remove the old cloth than it is to get a nice tight fit of the new!

Rarl- I did try KEF America, but no luck. FYI, they are now located at:

10 Timber Lane
New Jersey 07746

Tel :+1 732 683 2356
Fax:+1 732 683 2357

Thank You!

John (Stereomaniac) and I have traded emails and I am making him a gift of a large piece of Soundlab spandex grill material.

He should have more than enough to experiment with, and still cover both grills with plenty left over for spares, sould damage occur.

He didn't say if he had cats or kids ;~)
Yes. Many, many thanks to Albert for his very generous offer. It is such a pleasure to deal with nice people that you run into on this site, who will take the time to answer questions and help you out with such a wonderful hobbie.

I hope to return the favor!