New Green Mountain Rios - has anyone heard them?

Just wanted to get some opinions/reviews.
this anouncement and feedback is up on the asylum.
Yes, I sold a pair of Marten Designs "Dukes"(which cost 5k) to get these and couldn't be more pleased.

I've spent the last 3 years looking for a pair of two-ways that were good enough for audio mastering and these out performed speakers costing four times as much. The only mini-monitor I've ever heard best the Rio is the Eos.

I liked the line and designer so much, I've become a retailer.

IMHO, the Rio is one of the best values on the planet.

Good Luck,
I have always been intrigued by the GMA products and the reviews, then I go to their website and look at them and I just cannot get past their looks. They have to be one of the ugliest speakers in all of high end. I wish I was not so shallow, but I cannot buy a pair of speakers I detest looking at. Just my opinion.
someone needs to overhaul the website.
>someone needs to overhaul the website.

Why do you say that? It's not particularly slick but it's very informative and even compelling. Compare it to, oh, Vandersteen.
Further thought: Roy Johnson of Green Mountain Audio is one of the best writers among high end manufacturers and he is very generous with his knowledge on the website. Others in that same elite group include Charles Hansen (Ayre), Karl Schuster (Empirical Design) and Mark Jenkins (Antipodes Audio).
Like Kory above, I also sell 'em so I obviously like the way they sound and I even like the looks (I guess there's no accounting for taste).
Regarding the web site, I have'nt found many audio manufacturers sites that are more thorough and informative. Each speaker model includes a full design brief and detailed specifications. Check out the 'library' link for a history of speakers, acoustics considerations and other useful info. You may not like the look and navigation of this site, but there's a lot of content.
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