New Graham Arm "Phantom"

I see on the Graham site where they are coming out with a ground-up design tonearm, "Phantom"

Is anyone privy to advance info with respect to performance?
Bob probably knows! :)
Well, yeah, but I was hoping for an objective viewpoint! :-)
Guess I will just have to wait.
Hello 4yanx,

I spoke to Bob yesterday about the new "Phantom". He said that he couldn't share much info because he is in the process of securing several new patents used within the Phantom, involving concepts never used before.

I'd keep an eye on the web-site for more info. Patent searches do not end overnight, it could be a while. Be patient. I will say that Bob is pretty excited about the Phantom, which means it will be stellar.

Brian Weitzel
Record Research Labs
When will it be available? I am in the process of acquiring a new Oracle Delphi MK 5 turn-table and I ordered a Graham Robin tone arm. I wish the Phantom was ready to ship but... I figure that once available I will be happier with the difference. I just want to make sure the Pre-cut arm board for the Robin is exactly the same as for the Phantom? If so there is no problem but if different I would like to know right away, I will request from my vendor not to install the Robin and rather wait for the Phantom.

Thank you for your prompt response

Doug: Exellent answer. As I already speak: " water of all glasses ". 13 months of experience: great!. Go a head.
I thought I remebered hearing that Bob was in Italy (?) a few weeks back debuting the new arm. If that's true it would be nice to hear from someone who has heard the Phantom.

Maybe only The Shadow knows. :)