New Graaf solid state amps are out

Well, Graaf is back with some stunning looking solid state amps, the GM400.

They can be seen at

If they sound anything like the GM200 amps they should make a huge impact in the high-end audio marketplace.
They won't sound the same, here's why:
Not only tubes are good looking, SS rocks! What about the release date?
Msallen the link didn't work.
Here's the right link to see a pic of the Graf GM400

If the link dont work, just go to google and type in graaf GM 400
Graaf GM200 was my introduction to OTLs and LOVE the sound. Hope they will release some new tube mono amps.
I have heard from people within Graaf that the unit (GM 400) sounds remarklably like the GM 200 and GM 20 combined both of which I own (I have the Modena variant of the GM 20). I am in line for the GM 400 when it is available. As you can tell I have somewhat of a love affair with the Graaf amplifiers.
Audiofun, is Graaf planning to release new tube amps? Graaf makes the best OTL amps ... GM200 is FANTASTIC!!!
Yes:) my source tells me that there is a new mono-block OTL amplifier coming down the pike as well as some other goodies. I think the mono amps are 200w OTL units. A very special preamp should follow the GM 400.

I agree with you about the GM 200, possibly the best overall amplifier for realism my ears have ever enjoyed :)