New Giant Television

I am moving to a new house that has a basement where I intend on setting up my main system. The room is great, about 7' high and the walls about 18' x 23'. I'm all set on the audio setup, not much different from current (with the exeception of lots of room treatments since I will finally have a dedicated room), but with a dedicated room I will have a different video set up.

I want to be able to have ambient light in the room, so I don't want a projector. I don't believe that 3D is the next big thing, don't care about it at all. I don't care if it's plasma, LED, LCD, rear projection, whatever...

I want a giant TV with a great picture, without 3D, I don't care about it's proportions. I've seen Mitsubishi has up to 84" LCD projections screens, the bigger the better.

What suggestions?
Try these out or comparison: and PLASMA or

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Are you sure your need for ambient prohibits use of a brighter projector? They are cheaper than any other option and as a bonus its in no way affecting the soundstage when its just music (or even a concert video). Many use projectors with several lamps on or some window light. I really think you should rule out projectors just yet. There are both LCD and DLP models that I feel safe to say would work great for you, they also IMO give your room a more hi~end look. AVSforum has a wealth of info on any technology or models to explore be it pro or monitors.
Saw the Panasonic 103" plasma in a shop not too long ago. Really outrageously large (on the off chance you've got ~$70k that you're in a rush to part with). Badass projectors ain't cheap, but undoubtedly a whole lot more reasonable than that....
In that size room you could install at least a 120 inch drop down screen - that would be my recommendation - but you already know that you don't want a projector.
Still looking more for suggestions on a 70" or largers TV, has anyone seen the huge Mitsubishi rear projection sets?

I've seen, and set up many a projector, never seen one for less than about $10K, that could compete with a TV as far as picture with a lot of ambiant light in the room.

I would like to spend under $4k. For more, I would just rather improve my stereo. Come to think about it, I would really rather spend less than $2k, and spend the other $2k on upgrading my power amps.
I also wanted a front projector, but decided I had too much ambient light. I went for size, too, and got the Mitsu 73" DLP. It has a great picture and gives you the most bang for the buck in size.

I bought it online from Homegoodz. No problem transaction. I ordered it from "Adam." He was very helpful. It's selling right now for $1637, delivered. The 82" is $2627, delivered. The packing was great. Delivery was scheduled and on time.

I've had it for just over a year with no problems. It is 18" deep at it's thickest point. The thin advantage of flat panels was not an issue for me. You just can't beat the size, especially at the price.
Now Mac, you know good and well that "bigger is better" is just a Texas state of mind !!!!!! :)
Sharp has just come out with a 70" LED model. I own a 60" Sharp and am very happy with it. Might be worth checking out.
I would go with a Mitsubishi DLP rear projection, great picture and even better if calibrated.

The Editor of Widescreen review listed his order of preference in responce to a letter to the editor.

1) Projector
2) DLP Rear Projection
3) Plasma
4) LCD
I bought the 73" Mitsu DLP (73c10, IIRC) a few months back. It is a very big television that is pretty reasonable in cost. Dell sells it for +/- $1200. The set has good+ image quality and a lot of sq inches in an efficient cabinet, although it's a little quirky on power up (no signal, followed by the dancing mitsu logo, followed by your picture) and power down (a ghost image lingers for +/- 1 minute).

The 73" flat panel set from ??? that was just introduced is probably better, but almost 3X the cost. It wasn't available 2 months ago when I pulled the trigger, but I'm not sure it would change my mind. DLPs seem to have a life of 5ish years IME, so I put off the bigger purchase til later when the declining tech cost curve should continue to work in my favor.


PS Everyone I've talked to says the Mitsu Lazer-Vu sets (the only other <$5K option that I know of)look cool, but are more expensive than traditional DLP and glitchier (even tho they were supposed to be more reliable).
The Mitsu's are up to 92" Dlp, and should b realeased soon. that should be big enough! I beleive price is around $5000
If you don't want to use a front projection set-up, then your only really good choices are the very large Mitsubishi 73" to 92" HDTV's, which can cost from $4,500 to $7,000, or the new Panasonic TCP65VT30 65" VIERA 3D HDTV's or last years Panasonic TCP65VT25 65" plasma's. Personally, I think the Panasonic's have a much better picture than the Mitsubishi's. So your choice comes down to whether you value the largest viewing area, or whether you want the best picture quality. The Panasonic 3D is the best in picture quality even if you never want to use its 3D capability. And you can get them for under $4,000.

To me the 65" plasma is plenty large and I'd rather have the superior image and darkest blacks, along with the best contrast.


The entry level 73" Mitsu is available under $1200 (from Dell - see my post above). I agree that this isn't the very best image quality available, but it's actually pretty good. And, 73 diagonal inches of image does make an impact.

I use it every day and, aside from the operational quirks I mentioned, I can't bitch. A pretty unusual value proposition in the current market, IMHO, though admittedly not for the coinessuer.


I guess I was looking further up the Mitsubishi food chain on their pricing. But my point still remains the same. The Panny's picture is better than even the best of the Mistu's. I will agree with you that if your priorities are very large picture real estate, such as the Mitsu's 92" set, then go with that. To me, the 65" Panny is so close in size to the 73" Mitsu and with the much better plasma picture resolution and contrast, it is no contest. To me it comes down to the 92" Mitsu or the better picture 65" Panny.

Greg, I don't doubt the Panasonic picture is better than the Mitsu, but the pic on the Mitsu is excellent.

As for size difference, I had a Runco 65" rear CRT before the 73" Mitsu and there is a BIG difference in picture size. Don't forget, it isn't just 8" diagonal. You wind up with about 25% more viewing area on a 73".

All things considered -- picture quality, size, price -- I opted for the Mitsu. YMMV.
8 inches is huge in any situation dont be fooled. Even 92in screen to a 100 is huge.
Chad, Agreed that is what the ladies always tell me.

8" is huge....that's what the ladies always tell me.

I thought that's what you always tell the ladies ;-)

anyone compared picture quality; brightness; and sharpness between the Mitsui 75" laserview vs the 82" or 92" dlp's? The laser view seems attractive as you don't need the bulb changed; and it runs quieter without the fan noise..the laserview's are a bit pricey; around $4800 vs $3000 for the 82", so input on price vs size and quality would be welcome to folks who have seen and compared these different units. I have the 73" dlp and have been pleased with image and quality; and reliability for the two years I have owned it..looking for something a bit bigger; as I have a large room...sit 15' back from set...thanks.

Talk to your local Mitsu dealer. Both of the local retailers here advised against it. Price, reliability, and (in one case) image quality were mentioned - even tho that runs counter to Mitsu's spiel.

The Mitsubishi 84" DLP is awesome. dont worry about the 3d add on. doesnt really increase the price, and you dont have to use it. 3d in DLp is easier than with lcd.