New Generation of CD Players Which is Best?

Even with mods to SACD players, people using these with
outboard DACs..etc., we still seem to be where we were.

Maybe this is why better makers are bringing out new model
CD players.

Companies such as Ayre, Audio Research, Classe, Cary and
others are putting higher end efforts into Redbook.

So, what new upper-end CD only players do you own..what did
you compare it too, what improvements does it have over your
last gen. player...and anything else you might ad.

After all, this is likely still your most important source
I've been satisfied with my Sony CDP-101 since it came out years ago. Perfect sound forever...
Here we go again....
I'm mesmerized each time I spin even an OLDER CD on my Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MkII. I just bought a bunch of 3-6L EMI, LSO, et al CDs in Scotland last summer (about 80!), and am surprised how good these classical compilations sound.
Many of the transfers are from the 50s and 60s, and would be virtually unlistenable on a typically-bright and edgy mi-level Redbook player. On the EMC-1 I hartdly EVER wince, and can sink into the musicality...even on DG's old get-em-while-they're-hot massed strings! try to get a used one of these under $3k if you can. Good Luck. Ern
I guess perfect sound forever is what we all are searching for. I have had the chance to listen to the marantz and the top of the line Sony. I have owned the Cary. My opinion is of importance only to me. I would not even think of replacing any of these good players for the EMC-1. I have not heard the Ayre or the latest Audio Reaserch. These two maybe as good if not better. I would be surprisd if they were. Although i would not be surprised if they were competitive. I truly believe a Neuance or Sistrum rack is as important as any CDP. There are some new and interesting CDP being introduced. Gotta do your homework. Until I hear an SACD player that lives up to the reputation that so many have touted, SACD would not be a major concern at this time. Good luck in your search. Let me point out again, do your homework. A lot of new players are now coming to the market place. My best to you in your search.
I love my Levinson 390s. I listened to AR cd3 and Krells 28 along with some others. All souded great none killed any other. For me its all about system matching and what
works best with my gear. I would have loved to have them all for each one added something different. However replacing my seperates (Theta transport and ML 360 dac)
I was not suprised to end up with another Levinson product.

Ayre CX-7 CD Player

THat link will tell you whan I thought of it.

Thanks for the responses. Anyone heard the new Classe
I hope that was a jest about the Sony CDP 101