New Gear

Hi all,
I've enjoyed reading posts over the past few years but have never posted.  I'm upgrading my HT from 5.1 to Atmos.  Currently using a Boulder 1012 Pre-amp and a Krell Foundation (no 4k, no atmos) for music and HT.  Debating one of the 2 new Anthem AVM processors and curious if I get the AVM70 and keep the Boulder for 2-channel music, or pop for the AVM90 and use that for everything, simplify the system and sell the Boulder.  I have Boulder Amps and Focal speakers.  Thoughts?

I can only tell you my experience with HT. When I went to HT, I got rid of some very nice 2 channel equipment. Although the HT was high-end (McIntosh) and sounded great in 5.1, I never thought it sounded good in 2 channel. I do not think it was due to the McIntosh vs any other brand, it's simply that AVM processors do what they are suppose to do and do it well. And it's not 2 channel music. That was what I found. I understand your desire to simplify, which is what I did selling my 2 channel stuff, but to my regret. I'm back to 2 channel equipment for music and I am much happier. This is only my experience, but I hope it helps.