New Gear?

so i am celebrating another year survived soon. i am trying to decide what i want to get myself. i'm torn between something for the home brewery or something for the stereo. here is my background:

-music nerd all my life only recently an audiophile(last five years)
-currently running an MMF 2.1 w/ Grado Gold cart, bellari VP-129 into a jolida 302 B (with the same tube i got with the unit when i bought it used), and old paradigm mini monitors
-i have two 5 month old twins so i rarely get to listen to my stereo
-i DJ on a local radio station and play almost exclusively vinyl
-i've got a $500 budget

those are the pertinant facts. i'm thinking of getting a phono stage, new tubes, or building vinyl shelves. however i am open to suggestions. thanks folks!
Happy birthday. I would say buy some Deoxit contact cleaner,cotton buds, and Walker audio SST contact enhancer for your tubes pins and various contact points. Then do those shelves!
Good home brew always improves the sound of any system. I'm living in the Northwest, we do have our priorities.
Yes, with twins it is time to get a great set of headphones, better thenyour Dj pair. Late night listening is the way to go.
i've got some grado SR-80s and the UE 5.1 Super Fi. you think tubes would be a waste?

thanks for the kinds words folks!