New GaN Class-D poweramp from USA manufacturer Class-D Audio, Corona CA

Finally released for sale, Class-D Audio’s "Mini GaN 5"
Up to 600W RMS Into 8 Ohms still at 0.01% THD? (probably peaks)
(They don’t say the 200w at 8ohm THD)

Balanced or RCA inputs
Three selectable gains -
Low Gain = 26db
Medium = 28 db
High = 32 db.
(good for all passive or active preamps)
Hope the input impedance is more than 30kohm so it suits all preamps, tube, passive, and solid state.
(@mapman new thread with corrected title.)

It’s cheap enough $699, too new so no reports on how it sounds yet, and it’s an American owned company, for those adverse to foreign makes.

They do kits too, but not of this one yet.

Cheers George


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That wasn’t humor Doug and you know it, it was just a confrontational post.
Instead you could have given something constructive towards a US company trying to break into GaN based Class-D amplification at a very good budget price instead, even "if" it ends up being a budget sounding amp.

Cheers George

Hey, what’s up you, got something against a US company using the new GaN technology and keeping the price real unlike some others.
If you’ve got nothing constructive to say, just bad mouthing, **** **** *** **** **.