New Gallo Strata's sound like tin-cans: break-in time problem?

First time Gallo-user. Have been breaking them in according to instructions for approx 80hrs. Amp: ARCAM P49 (200 wpc in stereo mode), pre-amp Sonus Veritas Genoa, Source, ARCAM CD player (2yrs old), connections and wires all Nordost Tyr-or higher level. The new speakers are eating up the P49, I have the pre at full volume, and Strata's output is only slightly above conversation level. And, the sound I'm hearing is just like listening to the music thru tin cans. A friend commented, "these sound like mid-level television speakers".  Is all this due to incomplete break-in, poor speaker orientation, bad system combination, or.....what?  Any ideas are appreciated, as I had great hopes for these speakers.
Many thanks.
knever wrote:
"The 6 moons review talks about using the Stradas on the Mapleshade stands both in a nearfield desktop set up and in a full room set up. I have tried the Mapleshade stands but I prefer the Gallo Floor Stands."

What do you feel is the sonic difference between the Mapleshade stands and the Gallo Floor stands?

I've been running with the Mapleshade stands in a full room setup, but have never gotten the floor stands out of their boxes, never having run an A/B test between the two.

Breaking news.
Received replacement (new) Strada II's and, having heard my original speakers which I returned, the Gallo distributor and I conclude the original speakers were defective. Now beginning the break-in process with high hopes. My very early impression is almost certainly  inappropriate but I hear what seems to be a mis-focusing effect from the stand/platform system (not the OEM Gallo platform !). 

If anyone cares, let me know and I will update as the break-in process continues. Otherwise, thanks again to all who contributed serious observations and recommendations.

Those speakers were broken. Folks who contributed here understood and said so, but as a long time Magneplanar owner the transition to dynamic speakers generated some self-doubt about my  own perceptions. Thus, I was not confident about immediately returning the speakers until full break-in.
After I related my experience to the dealer, he confidently told me to send them back to Gallo (San Antonio) for a new pair to which I am now listening. After about 200 hr break-in, and for my setup they did need that much time, I am pleased. They are the best resolving speakers these old ears have ever heard and they do need a sub to complete the sonic image.Given their price and impressive performance I would definitely recommend them.

Thanks again to all who had serious interest and made well considered suggestions.