New Gallo Strata's sound like tin-cans: break-in time problem?

First time Gallo-user. Have been breaking them in according to instructions for approx 80hrs. Amp: ARCAM P49 (200 wpc in stereo mode), pre-amp Sonus Veritas Genoa, Source, ARCAM CD player (2yrs old), connections and wires all Nordost Tyr-or higher level. The new speakers are eating up the P49, I have the pre at full volume, and Strata's output is only slightly above conversation level. And, the sound I'm hearing is just like listening to the music thru tin cans. A friend commented, "these sound like mid-level television speakers".  Is all this due to incomplete break-in, poor speaker orientation, bad system combination, or.....what?  Any ideas are appreciated, as I had great hopes for these speakers.
Many thanks.
Sorry to hear that. Many of us probably know first-hand how frustrating your situation is currently. Hopefully someone will post some information that will prove helpful to you. Keep us posted...

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I'm listening to a pair of Strada's as I write this.  I'm using a Wadia 151PowerDac Mini to drive them which is rated at 25W into 8 ohms and it drives them fine in my 10 x 10 office.  Sounds like either the woofers aren't working or somethings screwed in the Crossover.  Did you buy them used?  Have you tried calling Gallo?

I love my Strada's, which are wall mounted and paired with a small custom sub.  My wife hates the retro Telephone Receiver look, but they're in my Office and she doesn't have to look at them.
Realistically, these are two four inch speakers with a crossover-less tweeter.  I would be shocked if these things didn't sound tinny - especially in a larger room.  They would appear to be an exercise in artistry, not high fidelity.
"I have the pre at full volume, and Strata’s output is only slightly above conversation level. "
What you're describing is not a matter of break-in something is seriously wrong here it may he a bad sinergy with your system but my suspicion is that they are defected or just inferior speakers with very poor design.