New Gallo Strada 2's - need surround advice.

As a Christmas gift to my wife I decided to severely downsize my gear. Selling off my ML Ascents and Logos, and ancient ULD-15, sold my amps and processor in favor of an Anthem MRX-510, acurus 200x3 (for fronts), three Gallo Strada 2’s and a TR-3D. Will be getting a second sub once I recover from the expenses, or the speakers sell.

Anyway, been using a pair of small Monitor Audio bookshelves as rears for HT purposes. Have them on the floor facing up. Awful positioning, but I can’t hang black boxes on the back wall. So I’m thinking of switching to either the nice small, white Gallo A’Divas or Nucleus’ for the rears. My question is, does anyone have experience with either the A’Divas or Nuc’s pairing up with Stradas? Wondering if I can get away with the less expensive Nucleus’s for surrounds. FYI it’s a small room, prob 14’x 18.

The Stradas, btw, are actually a better sounding choice for my room then the Ascents, and the second sub will be the nail in the coffin. They keep that fast and clean, electrostatic sound I love, and add amazing, almost "holographic" imaging, in an incredibly room (and wife) friendly package. They are awesome, and not even fully broken in yet. Every few hours they open up even more. Love them.
I have A'Divas in the rear with my Reference A/Vs up front with no issues.  I don't see why the Micros wouldn't work as well.  The Dues would be an even better option.  I hope to upgrade at some point.
Yep, just ordered two A’Diva SE’s. Was debating on white, to fade into the background, but went with SS to match the Stradas instead. They arrive tomorrow... Looking forward to them!

Now if only I could get a buyer for and get rid of these these Martin Logan Ascents and Logos monoliths standing in my hallway!
Tough time of year to sell gear in my experience.  You might consider just waiting to put them up until spring, otherwise everyone who's interested now but doesn't have money because of holiday expenses (and upcoming tax season) will think something's wrong with them when they're still up in two months.
Well my two A'Divas arrived, except they sent me micro SE's by mistake.  Spoke to the dealer and he apologized profusely, and said they would order a pair and send them out to me.  Since one of the boxes wasn't sealed, I hooked it up and had a listen.  As a surround, it sounded great, a very nice timbre match to the Strada SE's up front.  So I decided to keep them, and take a refund on the difference.  Really amazing sound from such a small package.  Very happy with them.  And on the same day, got an offer on the Ascents, for a little less then I had them listed for, but I accepted, and made a counter offer on a package with the Logos front.  We'll see what happens there.  Now all I need is another TR-3D and I'm done for a while...  I hope!